Now Appearing: Miley Cyrus Less Enthusiastic Tongue

It had to happen, Miley regretting the day she ever started the tongue poking trend.

Systematically, Miley has been reducing her red carpet tongue darting, as seen here, despite the constant prodding from paparazzi and fans, Miley pulled only one tongue, a move that could have been confused with pulling the lunch remains from between one’s teeth.

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Jennifer Lawrence Insults Miley Cyrus

Academy Award-winner Jennifer Lawrence, the same person seen here laying over the bonnet of a sports car in a sexually suggestive manner, just slammed Miley Cyrus over what she calls “selling young sex” deeming the practise “disgusting.”

Lawrence was quizzed in a recent interview about Miley’s sexual stage antics stating the Wrecking Ball singer goes with the “sex sells” mentality, something she finds disgusting.


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Think Miley Cyrus Is Something New? Then You Don’t Remember Jessica Simpson!

It’s no fair that Miley Cyrus’ sexy antics are catching all the attention these days for something that obviously has been done before. Think Jessica Simpson, circa, Dukes Of Hazzard..

Other pop stars before her have also had a naughty side to set free after finally stepping into woman-hood.


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