She never saw it coming..

When homeowner Hollie Mallet was replaying some footage from her CCTV camera at the garage of her home, she discovered something rather strange. An unknown boy going onto her property to give her dog a hug. Turns out, Josh and his family had recently lost their dog and the boy was simply giving some attention to the homeowner’s pet while she was at work.


The Breaux family had lost their dog the previous year, and Josh had missed having a pet, so he would sneak over to the Mallets to hug theirs. But Duchess hasn’t seemed to mind.

“When we saw the views, and now it’s almost 2 million [it is 85.5 million now], it’s surreal. It’s a positive story and I’m so glad I was able to capture it on camera. It is just pure innocence and we’re so glad to have made a friend,” commented Mallet. h/t gladwire

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