California is currently recording hundreds of small earthquakes that can be seen occurring now on a live seismograph maintained by local Los Angeles news station, ABC7.

The micro-earthquakes are so frequent, someone at the station posted a Post It note to the revolving machine informing viewers that the “gain” had not been increased.


micro earthquakes california

The post it reads, “Season Greetings! No Gain Change!”

As you can see in the photo below, the seismograph, that usually generates a steady line – barring a measurable earthquake event, is currently recording an almost constant line of unusual ground movement. So much activity, the station used a Post It note to assure viewers they had not adjusted the machine’s gain up.

micro earthquakes california

If you’re wondering, here’s how the seismograph usually appears during any given 7 days.

3.1 Earthquake Rocks Posh Newport Beach 3

Let’s hope this increased activity is not indicative of something larger on the horizon!