Ludacris Leaves Young Daughter In Airport Lounge

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Parents are getting arrested left and right over leaving their children unattended, including one mother who left her kid to play alone at a LEGO store. Now along comes Rapper Ludacris, leaving his 13-year-old daughter unattended at Atlanta Airport in a first class lounge.

Ludacris is blaming the ordeal on Delta Airlines, saying it was their fault.. Though he refused to pay a $100 fee that would have secured the young girl.

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The two were flying together from LAX to Atlanta, where his daughter Karma was going to catch a connecting flight to NYC solo. Turns out there was a 4-hour layover. Ludacris left his daughter in the first class lounge. The problem … Luda’s daughter is not allowed to fly without an adult, because she’s under 15, so Delta would not let her on the flight. Delta called Ludacris and informed him the airline would provide adult supervision if he paid a $100 fee, but the rapper refused. So he came back to the airport, picked up his daughter and they went home. source

A rep for Ludacris tells TMZ … Luda booked the flight himself — a first class ticket — and was told there would only be a 1 1/2 hour layover. Luda claims he was told when he bought the ticket the only requirement was that an adult needed to be present in NYC when the plane landed — Karma’s mom.

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  • Huni Buni

    When I was coming up I flew all over the United States from ages 5 and up without any paid adult supervision. Flight attendants were made aware of child passengers flying alone and would let children meet the captain, receive pin on pilot wings, and a lion pilot character themed coloring book. Pin on anything these days is prohibited though. Back then there was also way more then drinks, way more than even mere peanuts offered as inclusive meals on flights too. Times have really changed, perhaps children are less mature now too, if a child is too immature to handle a flight without adult supervision it makes sense to charge some sort of fee for the service like a baby sitter but to require it for a teen is much. I got to experience a lot and I felt rather safe back then, but now as a Mother of 2 myself I couldn’t imagine letting my children do the same, but to automatically treat it like a crime without considering the education and maturity level of the child is a sign of the police state we are increasingly approaching if not already in. We should be MUCH harder on people who harm children (and women for that matter) rather than trying to police, punish and victim blame the most vulnerable people for not constantly being 100% on or under guard.

  • Victor Chung

    If your kid is responsible, I don’t see a problem with leaving them alone for a few minutes if they have something to keep them occupied, Its a HOT CAR that you aren’t supposed to leave them alone in, not the first class lounge. If every parent who left their kid alone was arrested, we’d have a billion parents in jail, all over the world.