XzibitRapper Xzibit caught on video deplorably berating Australian concert promoter, Patrick ‘Mastercraft’ Whyntie, at one point violently throwing a chair.


The information concerning the altercation was played out on a facebook thread:

Apparently Xzibit was picked up from the airport in a dodgy old Subaru with broken windows. Had to catch taxis to sound check. Got to sound check and nothing was set up. At 5pm the show was about to be canned. When it came time to come down to the show, his crew tried calling Pat to find out where their ride was. No answer. Pat was on stage performing. So they caught cabs again. That’s why in X’s words, “I smacked his bitch ass as soon as he walked off stage”. No doubt why he also made reference to picking if you want to be a rapper or a promoter. Not both.

Whyntie responded:
LMAO at @xzibit trying to flip his bitch backstage tantrum around. Tell it how it was liar!

1. I walked off stage into an argument with rynoe and his manager big phil this guy is a genuine piece of work who had already tried hustling us a tour back for 6 k.

2. Rynoe and Phil where in each others faces big time I had no idea what was going on, but basically they had been disrespecting every staff backstage on some Diva s**t.

3. I went to calmly (and this would be on camera) push rynoe away when a hero Xzibit did some weird ass punch slap to my side…I was just in hysterical laughter like wtf is this for real?

4. Xzibit starts behaving completely unprofessionally and seemed to forget I’d just been on stage hyping him, had put another 10 grand in his pocket and kept his name big in Adelaide.

5. Rynoe loses it and wants to fight X 1 on 1 Xzibit picks up a chair and throws it the direction of me haha who is still like WTFFFF is going on.

6. Xzibit stands behind security the whole time as a lot of our crew is swelling and I am doing my best to keep them calm.

7. For peace sakes WE NOT HIM are not allowed in the main area.

8. Xzibit then dissed me on stage 1/3rd of the crowd walked out and by now security was around us and had called the cops because a guy had brought a taser in for X.

9. I stayed and shook hands and thanked people for coming till the end.
10. Xzibit F**K YOU for acting like a bitch, dissing hardworking people because you can’t handle situations like a normal person and LYING about the cops getting called.

Want more facts speak to GEN from the UniBar who can attest to this all.