While discussing the Smith family’s latest cinematic vehicle After Earth on The Woody Show, host Woody Milintachinda brought up the somewhat (spoiler alert) distant relationship between the film’s father and son, and asked if it was “like that at home” for Will and Jaden. And then suddenly, the kiss.. And now the internet has officially gone nuts over the lip lock..

k bigpic 4 Internet Freaking Out After Will Smith Kisses Son Jaden On The Lips


Here is just a sampling of the lunacy..

I do a lot of things to embarrass my teenage son. And a lot of the things I do embarrass him whether I intended to or not bonus points!). But kissing him on the lips? Ew.

When I was younger, I kissed my parents on the lips to say goodbye or whatever. My parents would not have physically made me kiss them just to embarrass me, but parents who like to wrestle with their kids and play sports with them tend to be really physical in showing their affection. I could definitely see the dads of some of my more athletic friends doing this to embarrass them. It’s not like they’re sharing an intimate, passionate, kiss. It’s a quick peck and people are being really weird about it.

I never really noticed this before, but man is Jaden kind of a weird looking kid.

He’s got his dad’s ears and hasn’t grown into them, yet, I think. I think he’s going to be a stunner when he’s older. Crazy, but a stunner.

Um … did his dad really ever grow into those ears? Just saying. ;)

sportzzzgirlUNeetzan Zimmerman31L
The family that plays together … *shudder*

I, too, found it strange. Some family are just down like that.

Yeah, um … Nah, I’m out. I have no response to that. ;)

Ha! I thought it was funny. It obviously embarrassed Jaden. It wasn’t like that disgusting Angelina Jolie and her brother makeout session.