Perez Hilton ”LADY GAGA Fans Are Sending Me DEATH THREATS”

It looks like Lady Gaga fans are not taking Perez Hilton‘s disrespect sitting down. Matter-of-fact, they’re taking it to a whole new level, according to Hilton, that new level includes death threats.. “A Statement On Lady GaGa’s Lies.. I hope her fans stop sending me death threats, as the suggestion that I pose a danger to Lady GaGa is preposterous. If her fans want to send a message of support to Lady GaGa, they should buy her music.” Sounds serious..

Perez released a statement over the mushrooming controversy concerning a photo she sent to Gaga of Madonna pointing a gun at the Poker Face singer..perez-hilton-lady-gaga__oPt Continue reading

Ke$ha Begs for Illuminati Acceptance? Blood Sacrifice, Unicorns…

As this is probably no surprise to all of you guys up on the pop music scene…

Some say that Lady Gaga has occultism written all over her, and that her messages in her music and videos have subliminal evil undertones! There are reviews (Google: “Lady Gaga occult”) that claim she has sold her soul to the devil to be famous. Reviews say that she shows her love for the dark side through subliminal messages in her music videos and through the lyrics in her songs. Could this be true?

Some say that Ke$ha is like a Gaga knock-off, but she is a no-talent pop star who pollutes pre-teen brains with mind numbing audio and visuals… That Gaga actually has some talent, but Ke$ha is like a filler when Lady Gaga is on break, and she fills in to keep the masses hypnotized when Gaga can’t. Ke$ha is like a ‘substitute’.

These viewpoints are from many stories I’ve read on the Internet, including public comments from around the world. You can judge if these girls are good or not by doing your own research.

Here, I have comparison pictures of Ke$ha and Gaga. Ke$ha was not pulling these symbols like Gaga until recently. I’m guessing from the information that I’ve gathered; she is becoming desperate for the same recognition and fame that Gaga has, so she is now signaling that she will ‘sell out’ and sell her soul by including these elements that Gaga does in her videos. I mean, Gaga sold her soul right? So if Ke$ha follows in Gaga’s footsteps, then she’ll soon reach the same alter too… right?

Gun symbol, Blood sacrifice and Unicorn flare (Ke$ha left, Gaga right):

Charo: “Lady Gaga is Like Madonna with Diarrhea”


Actress, singer, and comedian “Charo” told Good Day New York this morning: “I see Lady Gaga like Madonna with diarrhea.”

“The voice is gifted because she is so powerful with the voice…but why does she have to remind people of Madonna? Why don’t she go her own self? I never copy nobody.”

“I was me and I created something that was me. I can not feel comfortable being a copy of other people.”
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Lady Gaga Meets Yoko Ono at Concert in Downtown Los Angeles

Lady Gaga, her wig and Yoko Ono posed together backstage at the “We Are Plastic Ono Band” concert which was at the Orpheum Theatre in Downtown Los Angeles last night. That’s where I filmed my scene in the Alvin and the Chipmunks movie! Hooray, but hooray for those two meeting? Do you think they exchanged digits? Is this good, bad or do you care?

L-Gaga R-Ono

EXCLUSIVE: Lady Gaga Makes Triumphant Return to Texas Gay Western Bar that Helped Make Her Famous

“Don’t forget about me when you’re famous! is the saying that came to mind when I found out that Lady Gaga revisited a popular Texas gay western bar that gave her a chance, and took a leap-of-faith on Gaga, before she became a  world-famous icon.

Lady Gaga with Cowboys

Over the weekend, Lady Gaga gave The Round-Up Saloon a surprise visit after her Friday show at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas.

Before Lady Gaga showed up to the bar, the owners Alan Pierce and Gary Miller had no idea that Lady Gaga was going to actually visit the bar. I spoke with Alan Pierce, and he said that Gaga did mention Round-Up while she was talking to the audience at both of her shows-Thursday night and Friday night. Alan said that Gaga told the crowd one night that she had written a song with Round-Up in mind, then, she dedicated her song “Boys, Boys, Boys” to Round-Up. Alan also said that he and the boys at Round-Up had a bouquet of flowers sent to Gaga’s hotel, and not to her dressing room at the concert venue, because there was a “no gifts and no flowers” policy at the venue. Maybe Gaga gave Round-Up a couple of shout-outs at her shows not only because they gave her a chance at performing her act at their bar before her world fame, but also because the Round-up guys sent her a charming bouquet of flowers! How sweet!

A great looking trio!

Back in Summer 2008, The Round-Up Saloon got a call from Lady Gaga’s manager and said Gaga was in town, and he wanted to book her at the saloon for a gig. Her manager said she was going to be the next “Madonna”. Alan said that the bar didn’t normally book Gaga type of acts, but they decided to let her perform 2 songs at the bar. “At that time, Lady just ordered water to drink. This time she came in (2 yrs. later), she told me “I’m here to party”” said Alan.

I then told Alan that I just had to know how this all went down. How she arrived-who she was with-what she said!???…

At 11:00 pm on Friday night, Alan said that he, his partner Gary and the Round-Up manager Bob Pritchard, were all standing at the entrance when a security guard guy came up and asked them if they had any tables open. Alan and the boys told the man that Round-Up didn’t have tables-it’s a regular stand up bar. They asked the man who he was asking for, and the man showed them his Lady Gaga tour badge. The man said to keep quiet about her! Alan and the boys decided that their “loft” area would be the best place for Gaga to hangout. The security man, who is one of Gaga’s bodyguards, then went to fetch Gaga.

Gaga receives a nice belt buckle!

Gaga arrived around 11:30 pm that night. She came in a limo, and was escorted by 2 policeman. Alan said they let her in the bar through the back office, which “was her dressing room in 2008”, and she trailed in with an entourage of about 15 people, including her Mother.

Lady Gaga and her people went up to the loft, and ordered drinks. They hung out over the balcony and watched all of the people crowd in. The bar holds 850 capacity and  there were more people than that who wanted to come in when they heard word of who was there!

At first, Lady Gaga said that she didn’t want a microphone, but soon after she did want one! She told the crowd that she “wanted to go to the Round-Up herself, not because they asked her to come”. Soon after, a wild female fan scaled the wall up to Gaga’s loft, and asked for an autograph on her arm. Gaga didn’t mind, and signed her arm.

After 45 minutes of hanging out and 2 “Jamesons and water” later for Gaga, the group then made their way downstairs, and towards the back office. Alan said that he and the Round-Up boys presented her with an official “30 years of business” belt buckle. She modeled the buckle and they took pictures of her. She promised that she would wear it sometime. She took tons of photos with the staff and Alan kept telling me that “Gaga was so nice”. Alan also said that she is “as nice and wonderful now, as she was before she became a big star”.

I guess Lady Gaga didn’t forget about them when she got famous! Yee-ha!

Interview by Lisa Mason Lee with Alan Pierce. Special thanks to Robert Stahl.

Lady Gaga Crashes Texas Gay Western Bar

Lady Gaga Western

Last night, Lady Gaga crashed Texas Western gay bar “The Round-Up Saloon”, which is a popular honky-tonk bar in the heart of Dallas’ gay district.

Lady Gaga performed at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX last night. After her show, she then made a surprise visit to the bar, rolling up at 11:30 pm in a limo.

The owner Alan Pierce said she stayed for about an hour, and that “She was a genuinely nice person, really nice to talk to, and very gracious with everyone she came into contact with.”

This wasn’t the first time Lady Gaga visited this bar, she actually performed there in 2008 before she became worldly famous…

“Back in 2008, I got a phone call from an agent on a Saturday,” Pierce said. “He said he had an artist in town who was on her way to becoming the next Madonna, and she wanted to perform in a gay bar and some other clubs that very evening. Of course, no one had really heard of her at this point. But we decided to take a chance on her. She came in and did two of her songs, and put on a great show. I think her appearance here Friday night is her way of showing her gratitude.” (See video of Gaga in 08′ here)

Here is the full account of Lady Gaga’s visit to the bar:
Ms. Gaga showed up wearing a skintight one-piece body suit, blond wig, and sunglasses. Upon arrival, she and her group were quickly ushered to an elevated area known as the Loft, which was closed off to accommodate them. “Getting her in and out was slightly difficult,” Pierce said. “We had to make room in the crowd to get them through, but there were no real problems.”

Pierce said Lady Gaga and her group seemed to be having a wonderful time. Although the pop diva did not perform, she did pick up the microphone to address her fans.

“She wanted to make sure everyone knew that she was not paid to come to the Round-Up,” says Roger Huffman, general manager of The Round-Up Saloon. “She talked about how she loves to come here and said this was her favorite place to stop. The last thing she said was “Let’s get trashed!” But mainly she just thanked the fans for their support.”

The offices at The Round-Up were turned into the Lady’s dressing rooms at one point, said Pierce, and the Round-Up staff got to meet the superstar one on one and have more fun. At one point, the owners of The Round-Up awarded the singer with a special belt buckle, designed to commemorate the country and western bar’s 30th anniversary earlier this year. “She seemed very excited about it and promised to wear it,” Pierce said.

So what does Ms. Gaga drink when she’s out having a good time? “It’s funny because the last time she was here all she drank was bottled water, so this time we kept sending her water and soft drinks and things like that,” Pierce quipped. “But this time she was like “Hell no! I want a Jameson’s (Irish Whiskey) and water!”


Proof that Lady Gaga is NOT a Hermaphrodite

Various celeb blog sites have reported that Lady Gaga is a hermaphrodite. Is it true? They believe a particular video of her performance gives it away. We watched it and it actually doesn’t give anything away. Lady Gaga is simply adjusting her outfit. Celeb gossip sites also claim they found this supposed blog that Lady Gaga wrote herself, coming out and telling her fans that she is in fact a hermaphrodite:

“Its not something that I’m ashamed of, just isn’t something that i go around telling everyone. Yes. I have both male and female genitalia, but i consider myself a female. Its just a little bit of a penis and really doesn’t interfere much with my life. the reason I haven’t talked about it is that its not a big deal to me. like come on. its not like we all go around talking about our vags. I think this is a great opportunity to make other multiple gendered people feel more comfortable with their bodies. I’m sexy, I’m hot. i have both a poon and a peener. big f***ing deal.
– L8d Gaga <3>”

This does sound like something LG would say, but is she serious? Is this a real blog from LG? I have seen her front row, live in concert, and have NEVER seen a ‘bump’ down there. She is flawless in a leotard! Smooth like a banana!

I just had to call up my friend who is close to her and has worked with her multiple times. I am going to refer to my source as ‘Bobby’. Here’s the conversation:

L: “Hey Batch!”

B: “Hey Batch, miss you how are you?”

L: “I’m great, got a question for you…is Lady Gaga (Stefani) a hermaphrodite?”

B: “What!”

L: “The blog sites are saying that she is- and even saying that she wrote about it herself-I know you’d know out of anyone because you worked so close with her.”

B: “Uh-NO! Nothin’ is there. No ‘halfies’ or anything…she’s probably just having fun with the media. There’s nothin’ ‘extra’ down there honey. [My source went on to explain more personal encounters with LG that definitely proved this is a false rumor. I agreed to not repeat-sorry!]”

So the verdict is FALSE!