Proof that Lady Gaga is NOT a Hermaphrodite

Lisa Mason Lee - August 7, 2009

Various celeb blog sites have reported that Lady Gaga is a hermaphrodite. Is it true? They believe a particular video of her performance gives it away. We watched it and it actually doesn’t give anything away. Lady Gaga is simply adjusting her outfit. Celeb gossip sites also claim they found this supposed blog that Lady Gaga wrote herself, coming out and telling her fans that she is in fact a hermaphrodite:

“Its not something that I’m ashamed of, just isn’t something that i go around telling everyone. Yes. I have both male and female genitalia, but i consider myself a female. Its just a little bit of a penis and really doesn’t interfere much with my life. the reason I haven’t talked about it is that its not a big deal to me. like come on. its not like we all go around talking about our vags. I think this is a great opportunity to make other multiple gendered people feel more comfortable with their bodies. I’m sexy, I’m hot. i have both a poon and a peener. big f***ing deal.
– L8d Gaga <3>”

This does sound like something LG would say, but is she serious? Is this a real blog from LG? I have seen her front row, live in concert, and have NEVER seen a ‘bump’ down there. She is flawless in a leotard! Smooth like a banana!


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I just had to call up my friend who is close to her and has worked with her multiple times. I am going to refer to my source as ‘Bobby’. Here’s the conversation:

L: “Hey Batch!”

B: “Hey Batch, miss you how are you?”

L: “I’m great, got a question for you…is Lady Gaga (Stefani) a hermaphrodite?”

B: “What!”

L: “The blog sites are saying that she is- and even saying that she wrote about it herself-I know you’d know out of anyone because you worked so close with her.”

B: “Uh-NO! Nothin’ is there. No ‘halfies’ or anything…she’s probably just having fun with the media. There’s nothin’ ‘extra’ down there honey. [My source went on to explain more personal encounters with LG that definitely proved this is a false rumor. I agreed to not repeat-sorry!]”

So the verdict is FALSE!

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Britney in Bikini on Video Shoot in Marina Del Rey | Lindsay Lohan on Cover Elle Magazine UK
  • Not real

  • It is true that you are a hermaphrodite? I would like to ask how he feels hermaphrodites, but I would like to ask you one more thing, I would like to know one, you will know someone, you are great lady good compliments

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    Thanks for the posting.there is something very unique and enjoyable about.

  • Marco Freire

    I don’t think that exist any more in modern days with all the medical advances!!

    Since people is more liberal nowadays i think that “thingy” in her panties are just some bullet vibrator or dildo…. If she is crazy enough to use latex dresses in public, why not pleasure herself with a vibrator attached to her panties…

    Hermaphrodite… i really doubt that…!

  • Mike

    I F#%Ked her last night so I can pesonally tell you that she doesn’t have a dick.

  • LGFan

    Oh come on people.. Lady GaGa has said that she doesn’t have a dick so just believe it and get over it. And I totally agree with Sir GaGa, why does it matter? She is amazing and talented singer and performer, who cares what she has on her panties.. Just leave her alone.

  • Anonymous

    i thing she is transfstit

  • hey

    who gives a (censored) shes hot

  • may

    o meeeeeeeen l gonna say dis is really 4 life 4 u

  • Achilles

    She certainly looks like a sexy lady. And to me it doesn’t make a difference what kind of junk she has between her legs; I’m never going to see it. Unforunately. lol

  • asddsad

    Lady Gaga is hot (:

  • ladygagaftw>.

    lol that is soooo F#%King funny how bloody fake the stuipd quote you made up sounded like a 3 year old wrote it :l

  • iidkk

    ^well said above person

  • Ryuji

    I like lady gaga regardless of what she has beneath… and honestly no matter what side of the fence your on “theres something there.. no there isnt” your doing nothing but fueling the fire even more. How about everyone stop basing the judgement of a person on their genitals and more about the personality a person wields.

  • Mike

    OK Vee… the question is do you think she has a dick?

  • vee

    That quote actually doesn’t come from a blog, but straight from an interview that was released in either late 2007 or early 2008, I can’t recall. Just previous to her becoming the break out star that she is. In the past two years such video has managed to find its way off the internet somehow.

  • Ladam Gagert

    A’ight guys and gals,

    This is how pathetic y’all are: you are arguing and wasting your time over one of the greatest music icons in the world (and thus, she will not have time or desire to even see your lil’ blogs and this whole bloody site).

    Stefani Germanotta has commented and stated over and over again that she is a different type of artist. She IS the future queen of pop, she IS bisexual, and who gives a bloody crap if she IS intersexual? None of you pathetic losers are even going to touch her, so why do you care if she has different genitalia?

    My tersely said point is, GAGA IS BEAUTIFUL THE WAY SHE IS BECAUSE SHE IS DIFFERENT! Seroiously, when I first heard of a ‘Lady Gaga’ artist, I thought to myself, “Strange name, I should see her bio”. I did, and I was VERY surprised. She is SO different from any other artist and doesn’t screw around like other artists (i.e. Taylor Swift, Miley Cirus, other moronic teenage singers). I looked at her first music videos and I FELL IN LOVE WITH HER BEAUTY, THAT STRANGE, WONDERFUL BEAUTY.

    So should all of you ‘fine’ people. Gaga is just amazing as Adam Lambert (another different and wonderful artist that touched my heart).


  • Mike

    This was rumor started by a couple of dumass DJs that were trying up their ratings. It’s all about a section of cloth on the leotard of her crotch that wasn’t folded in just right so they started this stupid assed rumor. Hell, a cameltoe would have been better than this! No I don’t think she is a hermi. But who the (censored) cares? What possible difference does it make? I can’t even believe that I’m allowing my self to get caught up this stupid fray. I’m done with this. But use a tiny bit of common sense. Take a look at the clothes that she wears, the skimpy outfits. I’m a guy. I have a dick. If I tried to wear half of that stuff my Johnson would be peaking out and smiling every time I’d take a step.

  • Keeno

    sounds liek a great way to get publicity to me.

    Seeing as everyone else said she was a tranny, she might as well have a bit of fun with it

    but either way, who gives a F#%K?

  • homework is gay

    ok, ok ppl i got the real proof i read a newspaper atricle and it said that lady gaga doesn’t have a penis but i think its maybe coz she respects gays and lesbians and bisexual ppl watever that is that makes her say she is a man and woman but she definetly isn’t…u get wat i’m saying? SO she is just a female singer who wants to inject gay culture in the world said the article :) all i am saying is all u people who think she is a man (which she is not) or has female and male genitalia…your wrong! i know for a fact but everyone at my school believes this peice of sh*t so yeah!

  • frenchie

    well i think she is cuz she looks like a man 2

  • Anonymous

    well i think she is cuz she looks like a man 2

  • Anonymous

    Enter Your Comment Here

  • Lolli

    I don’t really like LG. She is a kinda (ok very!) bad role model, you know how many girls can go wrong listening to her!? But the double sex thing is fake. She shouldn’t lie to her fans like that, even if it’s “having fun”.

  • Matthew McCarthy

    By the way if Lady Gaga is reading this I love you. Please Email me at

  • Anonymous

    Oh yeah the above comment was from matthew mcCarthy and Lady Gaga if your reading please email me at because i love you

  • Matthew McCarthy

    Although I am a 14 year old boy you probably think i dont know anything right. but the thing is that i think lady gaga couldnt be a hermaphrodite as she is to sexy to have a penis and even if she has i still think she is one of the most fittest and sexiest woman i have ever seen and will always think that no matter what.

  • Anonymous

    hahaha ur all idiots, just cus shes a hermaphrodite dont mean shes got a normal penis, it can be any size can be as small as a fimble u lot know nothing…

  • replica merchant

    not so great… you should work on your writing

  • krys

    who really cares !! It makes her hotter !

  • Brittany

    GOD SHE DOES NOT HAVE A DICK! like gosh. my mom found out about this and was like rolling on the ground laughing. there is no way lady gaga can be as wonderful, and wear those wonderfully clad outfits if she had a penis, there is just no room in those outfits. and any fan that even thought twice about her having a dick is stupid. She is open about her sexuality, and i think that is good. she is a beautiful,independant,down to earth celeb. and sure she can be strange sometimes, but thats who she is, and i think that anyone who says she has a dick, should have to apologize to her. because its just, not fair/nice

  • miss gaga

    im rellly confused if she is or not there are rumors tht she is but i dont beleve it i need to know lady gaga if u c this email me really i ned 2 know i love u as a great singer… bye please dont hesitate

  • miss gaga

    comment here

  • saintofdome

    I think she has to be a man..I don’t care if there rumors it looks like she is..and I don’t buy that aliens crap.

  • Anonymous

    I dont know if its true or not, however in my oppinion the video shows nothing but panties, i didnt see any sign of having male genitals. But i do agree that this is not a reliable source, so people should not take these things seriously and not lison to tabloids!

  • Angie

    to all of the people who comment saying “why do people care anyway?” people are just curious, I mean they hear about it and they’re like, “what?!” so yeah, curiousity killed the cat.

  • Lady gaga

    I hope you all know that I did not write that. I have a vagina and it is wonderful. – LG

  • Rita Jackson

    This brings back to mind this thing my brother always said…
    But its probably not appropriate right this moment…

  • sir gaga

    i don’t see why it matters. she’s an amazing performer and artist. she inspires me in so many ways it’s ridiculous.

    people need to stop being so stupid and let people be people. F#%K. and HEY, douche bags. the correct term is intersex. not hermaphrodite, that’s offensive.

  • Art

    who cares

  • Anonymus

    It was heard that she does have both genitalia but when she performs in leotards she wears this tight band thing that wraps around the area so it doesnt bulge out. Not saying your write or wrong but just thing about things first.

  • Ken

    I disagree with the comments. The quotes are coming from a Lady Gaga impersonator and the video being shown around the net is low rez while the high definition version clearly shows nothing but flesh colored panties. Lady Gaga is 100% female.

  • Holly


  • sam

    your picture doesn’t prove anything. just because she doesn’t show a penis doesn’t mean she doesn’t have male parts elsewhere. A lot of times hermaphrodites will look like women but may have male genitals hidden within their vaginal cavities. read up on it before you say anything more. I’m not saying your right or wrong but you need to look at more than just a pic to figure this one out.