Megan Fox
Megan Fox

1. Original last name was spelled “F-O-X-X” until her father dropped the second “X.”

2. She has nine tattoos, and is a self-proclaimed “addict” – check out pictures of all her tattoos!


3. Is of Irish, French and Cherokee ancestry.

4. As of 2008, Megan has nine animals: A Pomeranian dog named Sid Vicious, a cairn terrier named Sullivan, a Boston terrier named China, Two Birds (Bowie and Roxy), a Bengal cat named Rosh, an Abyssinian cat named Luna, a Bulldog named Spanky and a potbelly Pig

5. She once owned a pet squirrel.

6. Did not date anyone until she moved out of parents house, one of her first boyfriends was the kid from 7th Heaven? WTF?!

7. Growing up her favorite movie was Scream and her favorite band is Nirvana.

8. Her middle name is “Denise”

9. Her favorite comic artist is fellow Tennessean is Michael Turner who passed away in 2008 from bone cancer.

10. She was born in Oakridge, Tennessee which was a secret city that didn’t exist on the map until the 1950’s because of it’s involvement with the Manhattan Project.

11. Her Irish ancestors were from County Tipperary, one of the first Irish counties to be established in the 13th century.

12. Is the daughter of Darlene Tonachio.

13. She is 5′ 6″ tall.

14. She has one older sister. (Pics please!)

15. Born on the same day as the release of hit action film “Top Gun“.

16. While shooting Transformers, she lost two of her big toenails.

17. She has “Club Thumb.”

18. On August 4th 2009 Men’s lifestyle magazines called for a media blackout aka boycott.

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