PICTURED: VA Woman KILLED In Motorcycle Vs SUV Hit-And-Run On I-95 North Richmond

Virginia State Police have identified Carrie Friedhoff, as the woman killed in a hit and run crash on I-95 North in Richmond.

Friedhoff, 41, was the passenger of a motorcycle driven by Robin Friedhoff that crashed around 9:20 p.m. Friday, just south of Exit 75, near Broad Street.

Police say the crash occurred when a vehicle cut in front of Robin’s motorcycle, making contact with the front tire, causing the bike to go down. Robin was transported to VCU Medical Center with nonlife threatening injuries. Continue reading

Robin Williams Emmys Tribute Called Racist

Robin Williams Emmys tribute helmed by Billy Crystal is under fire for including what is being dubbed by some on social media as ‘racist.’

The brouhaha is over a stand up joke about Muslim woman where Williams uses a scarf as a prop.


It included a short snippet of a stand-up performance during which Williams borrows a pink scarf and puts it on his head like a Hijab. Continue reading

MO Red Robin Restaurant Served Side-Order Of Hepatitis A To 5000

Springfield, Missouri Health officials say as many as 5,000 people could have been exposed to hepatitis A while dining at a Red Robin restaurant after a worker was tested positive for the virus.


Typically, hepatitis A is spread from the feces of an infected person to some food or drink that another person consumes.

“Upon being informed of the incident, the Springfield Red Robin took all safety measures to ensure the wellbeing of our guests and team members including arranging the inoculation of all Springfield team members with the immune globulin prophylaxis shot,” Red Robin Gourmet Burgers (RRGB) officials said in a statement. Continue reading

Sappy To Cocky: Robin Thicke Rebounds Loses Wedding Ring

Someone finally got to Robin Thicke convincing him that his public image was going down the tubes a little more everytime he publicly professed his love for his estranged wife Paula Patton. Now, in swinging dick fashion, the man, the myth, the Thicke is back and has emerged, wait for it, without his wedding ring.. Boom.

robin thicke

Us Magazine posted the above picture with this take on the Thicke events,

Through Thicke and thin? Maybe not! Robin Thicke stepped out without his wedding band on Friday, Mar. 7 in NYC, even after professing his eternal love (multiple times!) for estranged wife Paula Patton. Continue reading

The GRAB Heard Around The World SPEAKS!

Oh the scandal! Can you smell it? Because that smell is something foul cooking in singer, Robin Thicke‘s trousers!

A little known billionaire heiress, Lana Scolaro, the same woman pictured as the recipient of the butt-grab heard around the world, is finally speaking out..


If you believe Patton, things got more than hot-and-heavy the night of the VMAs after the blond sucked on Robin’s lips – in a public bathroom – while his WIFE was waiting outside the door! Continue reading


I’m just starting to learn that a lot of people didn’t already know that Blurred Lines singer, Robin Thicke, has a very famous father! The same father who played surrogate dad to a lot of 80s kids glued to something called a TV set.. I received an email from one of our readers asking me who Robin reminded them of, I know, I’m the lookalike go-to-guy.. Well maybe, just maybe he reminds you of that guy who was on TV for all those years, you know, his dad? ALAN THICKE!e-gall-thicke-395x298 Continue reading