Someone finally got to Robin Thicke convincing him that his public image was going down the tubes a little more everytime he publicly professed his love for his estranged wife Paula Patton. Now, in swinging dick fashion, the man, the myth, the Thicke is back and has emerged, wait for it, without his wedding ring.. Boom.

robin thicke


Us Magazine posted the above picture with this take on the Thicke events,

Through Thicke and thin? Maybe not! Robin Thicke stepped out without his wedding band on Friday, Mar. 7 in NYC, even after professing his eternal love (multiple times!) for estranged wife Paula Patton.

Days after telling concertgoers that he was trying to win her back, Thicke was all smiles Friday afternoon without his wedding band. The singer, who turns 37 on Monday, Mar. 10, was photographed interacting with fans outdoors, ahead of his concert in Madison Square Garden Friday night.

The only down side to Robin growing a pair is now Paula will most likely try and get HIM back. Yes Robin, that’s how it works..

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