OK Teens INJURED After McDonald’s SIGN Crashes Down On Car

Two Weatherford, Oklahoma teens were sent to the hospital after a McDonald’s sign crashed down on their vehicle as they waited in the drive-thru.

The huge McDonald’s sign fell on two cars that were in the drive-thru, trapping one driver for 15 minutes, according to the Weatherford Fire Department.

mcdonalds-sign falls ok

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McScary! Man Walks Into McDonalds With KNIFE Stuck In Back

A 50-year-old man who had got into a fight, walked into a McDonald’s in Queens, NY., with a knife stuck in his back, his t-shirt bloodied.

The man managed to walk at least a city block to the McDonalds, where he proceeded to make a call..


“Everybody was standing there to make sure he didn’t fall backwards on the knife,” witness Tromaine Yancey told CBS. Continue reading

McDonald’s FIRES Young Mom Over Free Firefighter Meals

Olean, N.Y. — A 23-year-old mother of two small children was fired from her job as a McDonald’s cashier after paying for the meals of a firefighter crew who had just braved sub-zero temperatures extinguishing a house fire.Heather Levia

The crew ordered 25 McMuffins and to thank them for their service, Heather Levia contacted her boss to see if they could swing a discount, a fair assumption considering the establishment often gave discounts to emergency crews.

After asking her manager and getting declined, Levia pulled the $83 from her own wallet and covered the full cost of the food.

The firefighters ended up with full bellies and she was promptly fired at the end of an eight-hour shift.

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