Tracy Morgan BOUNCES BACK! In Lamborghini!

Comedian, Tracy Morgan went from being an a disgruntled crippled guy to a fly-guy driving in style, and not just any style, LAMBORGHINI STYLE!

Morgan, who was severely injured in a serious car crash involving a Walmart delivery truck, a year ago, was spotted in NYC cruising in a silver Lambo.

Steve Lacy Fox 5 tracy morgan Lamborghini

Steve Lacy, the anchor at Fox 5 in New York, took the pic. He says he first noticed the Lambo, and was floored when he saw who was behind the wheel. Continue reading

‘God Don’t Like Ugly’ Convoy Of Pickup Trucks Toting Confederate Flags Ends In CRASH

A parade of over 35 pickup trucks flying Confederate flags came to a crashing halt while attempting to drive through the town of Dalton, Georgia, this weekend.

The event, assisted by a police escorts and blockades, was videoed by a man at a gas station who totally predicted the accident.

pickup trucks Confederate flags crash

Shortly after noticing the police were assisting the pickup parade, the astute videographer also predicted the trucks were about to crash. Continue reading

Who Is Sharista Giles? And Did She Really Have A Baby While In A Coma?

Sharista Giles is the pregnant woman who was left in a coma after a bad car accident in December. The family of the 20-year-old was told by doctors that she would never wake up. On Wednesday, she woke up..

During her coma, doctors prematurely delivered Giles’ baby, who was named ‘Baby L‘ by her family.

Sharista Giles coma baby 2

“The doctors were telling us there was nothing else they could do,” said Beverly Giles, 49, of Madisonville, Tenn. to ABC News. Continue reading

Spirit in the Sky Singer Norman Greenbaum Critical After Car Wreck

Norman Greenbaum, best known for writing and performing the 1969 hit song “Spirit in the Sky” remained in critical condition in a San Francisco hospital Monday after being involved in a car accident that left a motorcyclist dead.

Greenbaum, 72, was transported to Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital after the car he was a passenger in collided with a motorcycle.

Norman Greenbaum 3

The driver of the motorcycle, 20-year-old Ihab Usama Halaweh, was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash, according to the CHP statement. Continue reading

Revenge Of The Nerds Star Robert Carradine Badly Hurt In Horror Head On Crash

Revenge of the Nerds” star, Robert Carradine and his wife were badly injured after being involved in a car versus semi-truck accident in Colorado.

Carradine was traveling on the highway in the afternoon hours when he was struck head-on by an 18-wheeler last week.

Robert Carradine wife

According to the police report, Carradine crossed the dividing line and slammed into the truck. Continue reading


Bruce Jenner never saw this one coming, either.. It is being reported that Jenner’s entire crash was captured on VIDEO by a Metro bus. Law enforcement is in possession of the video that emanated from an MTA bus which was traveling directly behind the Hummer.

Sources familiar with the video say that it clearly shows Jenner striking BOTH vehicles, causing the Lexus driver, (who died in the accident,) to veer into oncoming traffic eventually colliding with the Hummer. The Lexus DID NOT make contact with the Prius indicating Jenner rear-ended both vehicles in a clear case of following too closely.

bruce jenner crash video mta bus 4

Cameras were mounted in the front, back and sides of the bus, and the videos show the entire accident. Continue reading

Paul Walker Father SUING Roger Rodas Estate For $1.8M

Fallen Fast And Furious actor, Paul Walker, died in November of 2013 in a fiery Porsche crash along with his best friend, Roger Rodas.

Flash forward two years later and now, Paul William Walker III, the actor’s father, has filed a creditor’s claim of $1.8 million against the estate of Rodas.

Paul William Walker III

The claim argues that Rodas’ estate is in possession of “numerous automobiles and other motor vehicles that are either wholly or partially owned” by Walker. Continue reading

DUI Driver Hits Pedestrian Drives Over Mile With Man Lodged In Windshield

Ocean County, NJ., cops say a drunk driver hit a pedestrian and then proceeded to drive over a mile with the victim lodged in his windshield..

Authorities say Marcos Ortega, 33, struck a man then drove more than a mile before cops caught up and arrested him.

Marcos Ortega dui ocean county

The victim, a 66-year-old man, was rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

Continue reading