Lindsay Lohan FAILS To Recognize OWN SISTER At Fashion Show

As far as the Lohans go, it always seems like Ali is getting the short end of the stick. Lindsay showed up for her sis, attending a recent fashion show, starring Ali, there was just one little problem, the designer decided to cover-up the lesser-known Lohan, to the point where her own sober sister could not even recognize her!

Okay, so Lindsay showed up a little late.. But once there, sis was nowhere to be found..

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Lindsay Lohan FREAKING OUT After Learning Rehab Facility is NON SMOKING!

Talk about uncomfortable! Not Lindsay Lohan‘s bed for the next 90 days, the fact the rehab bound actress will NOT be allowed to SMOKE for 90 days while being ‘confined.’ Lindsay put Adderall on her legal list of “must haves” for her pending 90 day stay at a court ordered rehab facility, but what Lohan didn’t factor in, was the joint is NON-SMOKING facility! There is NO WAY Lindsay will never stop smoking! Crack, heroin anything else! Just NOT the tabacco! Save those crocodile tears Lindsay! You’ll need them while kicking the habit!


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‘Give Me Everything’ Pitbull CRUSHES Lindsay Lohan In Court

Pitbull‘s classic hit, Give Me Everything, included the now infamous line, “I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan,” just won a huge legal victory against Lindsay Lohan! The actress claimed that Pitbull’s song caused her pain and suffering…


Lohan claimed Pitbull never got permission to use her name … and therefore he had no right to profit off of it.

But today a New York federal judge sided with Pitbull … ruling that Lindsay is dead wrong on the law — because the song is a work of art protected by the 1st amendment PLUS Lindsay’s barely even mentioned in it.

The judge also ruled … Lindsay’s allegations that she suffered emotional distress are also BS.

Case dismissed. Source.

Lindsay Lohan Serial Drunk Driver Says ‘The Canyons’ Writer

A writer embedded on the set of The Canyons, Lindsay Lohan’s new movie, says he observed the actress repeatedly leave the set drunk, refusing to be driven home by private car.

0101-lindsay-lohan-xposure-3Stephen Roderick who was allowed to chronicle the entire Canyons project from start to finish reports Lohan was a total mess during the production, often crying at the drop of a hat and all of the time completely tanked up…

Lindsay Lohan was seemingly drunk and often drove herself home after numerous on-set boozing sessions.

According to Rodrick, Lohan was a mess who was initially fired after blowing off two days of filming. Rodrick says Lohan showed up to the director’s hotel room, pounded on the door while hysterically crying and begging for her job back.

Rodrick says Lohan stayed in the hallway sobbing for 90 minutes before finally leaving.

Eventually, she was hired back to the production — and things got worse … with Lohan constantly criticizing producers and her co-stars.

But the most concerning part, Rodrick says Lohan had been drinking before a scene in which she would be simulating a 4-way sex scene with some real-life adult movie actors.

After the scene, producers offered Lindsay a hired car to drive her home … but she refused … and drove off in her Porsche. Rodrick says producers “all hoped they would still have a lead actress in the morning.”

In the article, Rodrick says Lohan also freaked out before a sex scene in which she was supposed to get naked … and locked herself in a closet. Rodrick says the director had to beg her to do the scene … and eventually stripped naked himself to show her it was no big deal.

The gimmick worked — Lohan eventually dropped her robe and shot a 14-minute sex scene.

According to the report, Lindsay once partied with Lady Gaga until 5:30 AM … when she had a 6:00 AM call time. She eventually showed up to the set at 9 AM, but left soon after a doctor said she was too sick to film.   tmz

Talk about a ticking time bomb! Lindsay better get her act together or she will soon be just another drunk driving statistic!

Lindsay Lohan Damned Either Way

Lindsay Lohan, displaying one of her classic “Lindsay grins,” probably proud of herself for getting back to her hotel before the clock struck midnight. A lot of gossip, news websites ran this picture captioning Lindsay as bloated and looking old, all this on the first day of a new year. I say layoff Lohan. At least until she does something stupid for real.


TMZ saw this picture this way:

The photos tell the story — it was a rough year for Lindsay Lohan.

These pics of Lindsay were snapped as she returned to her London hotel just before the stroke of midnight.

Lohan looked disheveled and a little bloated after celebrating the end of a year that included —

— a car crash
— 3 fresh criminal charges for lying to cops
— getting her probation in the jewelry heist case revoked
— arrested in NYC for assault
— arrested in NYC for hit and run
— calling cops after epic fight in NYC with Dina
— huge tax problems
— Liz and Dick
— Liz and Dick
–Liz and Dick

Why didn’t the gossip mags focus on the fact that she was actually was being a good girl for a change? I guess that don’t sell.

Okay I agree, Lindsay does not look her best here, but how much can you beat-up on a female’s looks, before you start looking like a bully yourself? Most firehouse-gingers will tell you that growing old gracefully is not one of their strong points, genetically speaking. So come on guys, I never thought I’d say this but, layoff Lohan, a little.

Now Lindsay, you go out and do something awful so you can properly make the news in 2013.

Lindsay Lohan Booked For Healthy Lifestyle Magazine

One of the last places you’d expect to find Lindsay Lohan, other than an AA meeting is at an event promoting healthy lifestyles.

Lohan’s latest paid appearance has to be the most ridiculous pairing of a celebrity and product ever, Healthy Lifestyle Magazine. Just remember their poor judgment next time you go to pick up a copy of that magazine on the Newsstand.

By now you know, mostly because I’ve drilled into your heads, when you see a celebrity showing up at an event, even some benefit events, you can bet your bottom dollar — they’ve been paid to be there.

The reason businesses hire celebrities is quite simple, once a celebrity shows up, with all the paparazzi in tow, it equals publicity for their product or service. Remember, Lindsay had just completed her PAID appearances for new boy band, The Wanted.

It is likely that Lohan is presented with the list of suitors each week seeking her presence at a party or event. Then it’s just a question of how much. If you’re Jessica Alba, you might get anywhere between $30,000 and $100,000 to show up, if you’re Ashley Tisdale, you might get anywhere between $2,500 and $10,000 to be there. But if you’re Lindsay Lohan, that amount vary from day to day and at this low point in her career, she is lucky if someone is willing to pay her $20,000, which is a night out on the town for Lindsay.

Lindsay Lohan Arrested in NYC After Alleged Fight

Are you kidding me? No Lindsay, we’re not kidding, you just got arrested, again…

Lindsay Lohan arrested in New York City after allegedly sucker punching a woman at a NYC club.

Apparently Lindsay and the victim were seated near each other inside the club when they became engaged in a verbal argument, that’s when Lindsay threw a punch.

Law enforcement tells us prior to the fight words were exchanged between Lindsay and the woman as they sat in separate booths near each other. Lindsay said something to the effect of, “Give me my space.” Some time passed and then, for some reason, Lindsay allegedly punched the girl in the left side of her face.

We’re told by the time cops arrived Lindsay had left the club and was a passenger in a car that was leaving the area. Cops intercepted the car and made the arrest.

While Lohan was in cuffs, she kept repeating, “Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me?”

Lindsay was booked for 3rd degree misdemeanor assault, given a desk appearance ticket (meaning she must show up in court in the near future) and released several hours after she was taken into custody. Law enforcement says she was “visibly tired” at the station.

We’re told investigators went back to the club looking for security footage of the alleged altercation.

LIZ & DICK: Lindsay Lohan ‘Spectacularly Bad’ Says Hollywood Reporter

The premiere of Lifetime’s bio-flick “Liz and Dick” starring Lindsay Lohan, is just around the corner, November 25 to be exact and the scathing reviews are already hitting the web. One of my favorite reviews is by the Hollywood Reporter who did not pull any punches by calling the film “spectacularly bad.”

I just saw the trailer for Liz & Dick and one of the problems I had with it was I couldn’t stop thinking “Why in the hell is Lindsay Lohan’s voice coming out of Elizabeth Taylor?” Ideally filmmakers want people to suspend their belief and just enjoy the movie without having to think too much about its components…

Hollywood Reporter: It should come as no great surprise that Lifetime’s Liz & Dick movie starring Lindsay Lohan is spectacularly bad. After all, it’s Lohan, more memorable in the tabloids than she ever was as an actress. No, the mystery here is whether Lifetime actually believed it had a major “television event,” as it says, because this was Lohan’s “highly anticipated comeback movie role,” as the channel’s website notes. Was Lifetime made giddy by the potential, or made blind by it? Most intriguing, did it know that casting Lohan of all people as Elizabeth Taylor would nearly burn Hollywood down — and shock the rest of the country as well, thus ensuring enormous ratings?

Lifetime’s website breathlessly asks visitors, “Are you finally convinced?” — with a link to a photo of Lohan as Taylor and a young Liz side by side. No, the photo is not convincing. Hair and makeup miracles do not make a movie. So calm down, Lifetime.

Lohan is woeful as Taylor from start to finish. But, whatever you do, don’t miss Liz & Dick. It’s an instant classic of unintentional hilarity. Drinking games were made for movies like this. And the best part is that it gets worse as it goes on, so in the right company with the right beverages, Liz & Dick could be unbearably hilarious toward the tail end of the 90-minute running time. By the time Lohan is playing mid-’80s Taylor and it looks like a lost Saturday Night Live skit, your body may be cramped by convulsions.

The movie co-stars Grant Bowler as Richard Burton, and he at least gets to play drunk half the time, deliciously mean a quarter of the time and, well, you’ll be staring at Lohan all the time anyway (though a good deal of the limited amount of tolerable dialogue from writer Christopher Monger — known for Temple Grandin — goes to Bowler.)

Executive producer Larry A. Thompson (Scott Hamilton: Return to the IceAmish Grace) and director Lloyd Kramer (a maker of Mitch Albom telefilms) have opted for the dubious trope of breaking the fourth wall, with Taylor and Burton dressed in all black, sitting on director’s chairs, with an all-black background. Ostensibly they are recalling their own lives, as if speaking to an interviewer. This is not only annoying and an expository cheat, it becomes ridiculous and laughable when Burton dies and Liz talks about how much she misses him. You want to yell, “HE WAS JUST RIGHT THERE!”

Anyway, on to the parts of the film where people walk and talk. The talking part doesn’t turn out so well for Lohan. There is not one minute in this film where she’s believable. It begins with Burton about to die and then quickly jumps back to Liz and Dick meeting on the set of Cleopatra. He must have her. She must be haughty. There are several troubling run-ins showing their disdain for each other. She calls him “the Welsh Don Juan” and intimates that nothing between them will never happen. “Oh, you’re quite safe with me!” he yells. “I never go after dumpy women.”

Both appear shocked that there’s a love scene in Cleopatra, her being Cleopatra and him being Antony, after all. One kiss and we get jaunty scenes of them running from trailer to trailer having sex while flunkies try to steer Eddie Fisher (Andy Hirsch) and Sybil Burton (Tanya Franks) away from their philandering spouses. But nobody steers the story in a direction that explains the loathing turning to love so quickly. It is mentioned that they like to fight. Don’t make fighting part of your drinking game. There’s an endless amount of it in Liz & Dick.

Taylor is petulant almost all the time. Burton is a lout. In one scene, sitting next to Fisher, Burton berates Taylor into proclaiming whom she loves more. In tears, Liz picks Dick. She then runs to the pool where her mother, Sara (Theresa Russell) spouts this gem: “Elizabeth, not that I’m counting, but if I’m not mistaken you’ve just ended, what, your fourth marriage?”

Much of Liz & Dick is about them trying to get married, arguing and drinking a lot, Burton buying a lot of jewelry, jealousy, more arguments, more drinking and petulance. At one point, Lohan has to shout, “I won’t live without you!” and then run down a hall. It’s like a high school play. She then tries to kill herself with booze and pills. If this starts to seem like a good idea to you, it’s time to switch the channel.

Believe it or not, only about 30 minutes have passed in the film. Taylor, secluded at one of the many houses the couple own — there’s a lot of globe hopping in the film, with a minor storyline about them being broke, which forces Burton to take on a lot of crappy films — then shouts this line: “I’m bored! I’m so bored!” Now, there’s a joke too easy to make here, but still it is entirely imaginable that the entitled Taylor would scream that. When Lohan does, however, it sounds like a whiny teen forced to watch some children’s clown show at the mall.

When Liz and Dick are apart, there’s a scene where Lohan/Taylor says, “Tell me, will this pass?” (though she says it without the comma). She then adds: “Because it doesn’t feel that it will.”

That’s when, drunkenly, you shout, “Sing it, sister!”

For a short film on two long lives, Liz & Dick truly drags. Luckily, you can’t take your eyes off of Lohan playing Taylor, which the producers clearly thought would work because they share similar backstories. Except for the part about Taylor being a gigantic movie star and Lohan not being one. Not even a star bright enough to transport you at least halfway to believing she’s Elizabeth Taylor.

The film gets into Taylor’s weight issues without really bloating Lohan up that much. There’s a “Cleo-Fat-Ra” headline that makes her cry. Burton says, “I will love you even if you get as fat as a hippo.” Seriously, he says that.

Liz & Dick eventually realizes that it’s running out of its allotted time, having spent it on – surprise! — more elaborate arguments and drinking scenes. The film then races forward, with Taylor getting her infamously immense diamond (because Burton had said her fingers were fat). Taylor begins to worry about her age, her stardom. Burton takes on more bad films, they divorce, he courts a princess, she courts Aristotle Onassis, they get married again, it goes badly — like this film — and eventually the race to the end is nearly complete.

But not before Burton dies and the late-era Taylor is unveiled for the first time. The moment Lohan appears in this get-up, it’s impossible not to laugh. It really does look like SNL. She can’t really pull off the young, sexy Liz with much believability, so the mid-‘80s look is awkward squared. She gets the news of Burton’s death and faints — a straight drop to the floor — that also somehow seems inadvertently hysterical.

Finally, the unbearable ceases — but not before yet more fourth-wall breakage (which, even by this time, never loses its “why are they doing this?” element).

Stunt casting rarely works. But in Liz & Dick it works by accident or for all the wrong reasons. Lohan as Taylor was a bad idea in the dramatic sense, but it’s pure genius both for marketing and for belly laughs and drinking games.

LINDSAY LOHAN: 47 Days 49 Packs Of Cigarettes $14 Per Pack

Lindsay Lohan is a spending fool! A Hollywood hotel is trying to recover some money from Lohan they say the smokey actress owes them for lodging. What I find interesting about all this is the release of Lohan’s Minibar tab…


Minibar charges for the 47 days: $3,145.07. The highest daily tab, July 1st — $502.43.

Cigarettes: $686. She blew through 49 packs in 47 days at $14 a pop

Chateau Candle: $100

Chateau restaurant: On July 4 Lindsay racked up a $1,992.07 bill. On top of that, she spent $685.96 that day on room service