Lindsay Lohan, displaying one of her classic “Lindsay grins,” probably proud of herself for getting back to her hotel before the clock struck midnight. A lot of gossip, news websites ran this picture captioning Lindsay as bloated and looking old, all this on the first day of a new year. I say layoff Lohan. At least until she does something stupid for real.



TMZ saw this picture this way:

The photos tell the story — it was a rough year for Lindsay Lohan.

These pics of Lindsay were snapped as she returned to her London hotel just before the stroke of midnight.

Lohan looked disheveled and a little bloated after celebrating the end of a year that included —

— a car crash
— 3 fresh criminal charges for lying to cops
— getting her probation in the jewelry heist case revoked
— arrested in NYC for assault
— arrested in NYC for hit and run
— calling cops after epic fight in NYC with Dina
— huge tax problems
— Liz and Dick
— Liz and Dick
–Liz and Dick

Why didn’t the gossip mags focus on the fact that she was actually was being a good girl for a change? I guess that don’t sell.

Okay I agree, Lindsay does not look her best here, but how much can you beat-up on a female’s looks, before you start looking like a bully yourself? Most firehouse-gingers will tell you that growing old gracefully is not one of their strong points, genetically speaking. So come on guys, I never thought I’d say this but, layoff Lohan, a little.

Now Lindsay, you go out and do something awful so you can properly make the news in 2013.