Will Pepsi Torch Nicki Minaj’s Hair Next?

‘Desperate times call for desperate measures’ as they say, which means people will go against their own morals and values, or even sell their soul, in hopes to gain something that they desire, like money, fame, success and power.

Aside from that serious thought, I just realized it’s almost the 30-year anniversary of Pepsi burning off the late Michael Jackson’s hair. You know, the accident that caused Jackson to get hooked on painkillers? I can’t believe this, but after doing some research, I found that there is going to be a reunion of the fallen-out two. Jackson’s estate has sold-out their son again, and he is going to be the haunting face of Pepsi this Summer. Continue reading

Ouch! iPad 3 Too Hot To Handle – Literally!

Many iPad 3 owners are talking up a storm on various sites like Apple Discussion Boards and Gizmodo, all complaining about the same problem with their new iPad 3: It’s too hot to handle… Literally!

Most reviews and complaints are saying that after 30 minutes of use, the lower left-hand corner (upright in portrait mode) gets a bit too hot. iPad owners wonder what the new problem is, as some of them who own the iPad 2, say that it didn’t get hot like the iPad 3.

One disappointed iPad 3 owner, who made his review on the Apple Discussion Board, says that he took his iPad’s temperature to see if it in fact had a fever: “I measured with infared thermometer and it was 117 degree after 10 minutes – my little boy says its too hot to hold (Great!) but seriously its not comfortable and I will be returning to the store.”
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The Meaning Behind Britney’s New ‘Triangle’ Tattoo

Britney Triangle Tattoo

Britney Triangle Tattoo

Out of boredom, someone was zooming in on a photo of  Britney Spears’ hand, and found a tattoo! A triangle shaped tattoo! What does it meannnnnnnnn! Well kids, first of all, don’t get a tattoo! Unless it’s on the bottom on your foot! Okay, so we don’t know why Britney got a ‘triangle shaped’ tattoo.
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Man Escapes Burning Tanning Bed!

Christian Bale from American Psycho

Christian Bale from American Psycho

Newsobserver.com reports that in Lake Wylie South Carolina, a man escaped his tanning bed before he and the bed went up in flames!

The man who escaped declined to give his name but said he was working on his tan when he heard a popping noise, then saw a flame at the corner of the tanning bed near his foot. He threw open the lid and jumped out, he said.”

This tanning salon and the majority of this Lake Wylie shopping center was evacuated and the fire damaged several stores Monday, authorities said. When firefighters arrived around 4:15 p.m. “smoke was pouring out of all sides of the building,” said Bethel Assistant Fire Chief David Long. By 5:30 p.m. the fire was out and smoke cleared.

OMG! Would you ever go tanning again??? Maybe if you were in the tanning bed with Christian Bale right…