Britney Triangle Tattoo
Britney Triangle Tattoo

Out of boredom, someone was zooming in on a photo of  Britney Spears’ hand, and found a tattoo! A triangle shaped tattoo! What does it meannnnnnnnn! Well kids, first of all, don’t get a tattoo! Unless it’s on the bottom on your foot! Okay, so we don’t know why Britney got a ‘triangle shaped’ tattoo.

Here are some guesses to what the triangle just might symbolize:


1. Scientology

2. Gay

3. Masculinity shape. Circle for feminine.

4. Power of one.

5. Father, son & holy spirit

6. Egyptian pyramid

7. Symbol of fire. It’s energy is dynamic and it creates change, moves forcibly and with power.

8. A band popular in the 90’s “Triangle”.

9. Various magic

10. The lucky and magical number “3”.


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