Putin Mints HUGE Coin Celebrating Crimeia Annexation

Check out Russian President Vladimir Putin’s newly minted Crimea victory coin!

putin---crimea commemorative-coin

Russia unveiled the huge commemorative coin marking the annexation, and it is apparently part of a series called “The Gatherer of Russian Lands.”

That name has a dark subtext given the fact that Putin believes the fall of the Soviet Union was the “greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the century” and is actively destabilizing south and east Ukraine (which he calls Novorussia or New Russia). Continue reading

Vladimir Putin Spotted In 1988 Ronald Reagan Photo

How wild is this? That’s none-other-than Russian President, Vladimir Putin, (not the boy, the man on the very left,) in a classic shot of Ronald Reagan when he visited Russia back in 1988! Putin was a KGB agent and this was his undercover disguise! You have got to love the tourist cameras draped around his neck! Sneaky!

Putin-Reagan-Souza-1988-600x396 Continue reading

Putin Rewards Olympic Medalists With Mercedes And BIG CASH!

Russian Olympic athletes who medaled in the 2014 Sochi games were surprised with huge cash prizes and a brand, spanking new Mercedes!

putin give medalists cars

Russia gave all of its gold medalists in the Sochi Games $120,000, plus a brand-new Mercedes GL SUV. This led to a bit of logistical leapfrogging with athletes like Julia Lipnitskaya, who is only 15 and not yet of legal driving age in Russia. (She got a personal driver to go along with the car.) Silver medalists got $76,000 and a Mercedes ML, and bronze medalists got $52,000 and a Mercedes GLK. Continue reading