NC High School Refusing To Recognize Student At Graduation Who Died

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A North Carolina high school has denied a family’s plea to recognize their dead daughter’s name at the school’s graduation ceremony.

The parents of Rachel Rosoff, 17, who was fatally electrocuted in a pool last September, appealed to William G. Enloe Magnet High School to recognize their daughter but were left disappointed when the school rejected their request. Continue reading

Mark Wahlberg Goes Back To High School – SERIOUSLY!

Mark Wahlberg, who is not only an successful actor, is a model, producer and singer as well. With all of those talents, you’d think he was a top graduate from an Ivy League school… but he’s far from being ‘that’ guy.

Wahlberg, who is starring in the new film “Ted”, which is about his teddy bear (Ted) who has a wild side, told David Letterman on the Late Show, that he is going back to High School!
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Girl Booted from Prom for Wearing ‘Confederate Flag’ Dress

You might be a redneck if… you wear a prom dress with an embroidered Confederate Flag.

18-year-old Texanna Edwards, says she wasn’t allowed inside of her school’s prom in Tennessee, because her ‘Conferederate Flag themed dress’ was deemed “offensive and inappropriate” by school officials.

Although some school teachers who knew about her dress prior to the prom, telling Edwards it might be a bad idea, and to ‘check with the administration for clearance’, Edwards went ahead and wore it anyway.
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More Teens Arrested Over Facebook Comments

MARANA, ARIZONA – It happened again, Two High Schoolers have been arrested and charged with interfering with an educational facility over threatening Facebook comments.

Otis Bartley and Jake Brown, were outed to police by parents for making comments threatening bodily harm to a fellow student.

The comments included, “Marana high school r.i.p” , “Marana wont know what hit em tomorrow” , “learn to run,” and “bring band aids.”

Cops went as far as to search the teen’s homes looking for anything to indicate they posed a treat to the school, however, that search proved fruitless.
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