Change.Org Petition Takes On Facebook’s Pay-To-Play Policy

Text from the petition protesting Facebook’s new pay-to-play or Boost policy:facebook-money_orig

Your Facebook likes are being held for ransom!

Facebook’s new newsfeed algorithm is making it harder and harder for stories to get viewed, unless of course, you are a deep pocket publisher – then you simply pay to “boost” the post, and presto, you just bought your next viral story.. Continue reading

More Teens Arrested Over Facebook Comments

MARANA, ARIZONA – It happened again, Two High Schoolers have been arrested and charged with interfering with an educational facility over threatening Facebook comments.

Otis Bartley and Jake Brown, were outed to police by parents for making comments threatening bodily harm to a fellow student.

The comments included, “Marana high school r.i.p” , “Marana wont know what hit em tomorrow” , “learn to run,” and “bring band aids.”

Cops went as far as to search the teen’s homes looking for anything to indicate they posed a treat to the school, however, that search proved fruitless.
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