GAGA FREAKOUT AT YOUTUBE AWARDS… Barefoot, out of tune, crying… viewers click away

Lady Gaga was the reason about 40,000 people tuned-out of the very first Youtube Music Awards show after the ‘Poker Face’ singer delivered a performance worthy of a mentally disturbed amature.

The show that was awarding trophies based on over 60 million votes – garnered only 215,000 viewers, 40,000 who promptly left after Gaga wept while singing completely out-of-tune – which is funny considering Youtube’s relationship with Autotune..

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YouTube Sensation Band “Pomplamoose” Get Big TV Break

Fellow YouTube Partners Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn of band Pomplamoose, have just broken onto television in a big way! These two started off on YouTube as a boy and girl duet cover band, recording themselves singing and playing a few instruments, and then airing the videos on their YouTube channel. Within the last year, Pomplamoose has become a huge hit with the YouTube community, gaining millions of views for their quirky cover songs, and now they’ve just been recognized by the car brand Hyundai, and they have been chosen to be the stars of the new Hyundai Elantra commercial!

2012 Elantra Hyundai RAP Holiday Commercial [Rollin' w/ the homies]

2012 Elantra Hyundai RAP Holiday Commercial [Rollin’ w/ the homies] By Request! Fog and Smog drop a beat about the 2012 Elantra during Hyundai Holidays


In this holiday themed commercial, Pomplamoose performs a duet cover of “Jingle Bells” in their garage, promoting the Hyundai Elantra car. I love that even though they got a mainstream break, they are still keeping it YouTube style!

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