Lady Gaga was the reason about 40,000 people tuned-out of the very first Youtube Music Awards show after the ‘Poker Face’ singer delivered a performance worthy of a mentally disturbed amature.

The show that was awarding trophies based on over 60 million votes – garnered only 215,000 viewers, 40,000 who promptly left after Gaga wept while singing completely out-of-tune – which is funny considering Youtube’s relationship with Autotune..



Then came a deeply strange and out-of-tune performance by a barefoot Lady Gaga dressed in a black ball cap and a checked shirt buttoned to the top.

She was crying too. Tears streamed silently down her face as she wailed, and viewers streamed silently out of the show. During the three minutes or so that Gaga was on screen more than 4,000 viewers exited and continued to do so as microphones cut in and out, cakes were mashed to uncover awards, and Tyler the Creator and Earl Sweatshirt were bleeped out for most of their unintelligible performance.

By the time the webcast was almost an hour in viewership had dropped from its peak of about 215,000 to a median of about 180,000. This for an event that 60 million people apparently voted for. Source.

I thought the award show, as a whole, was on its way out.. Bad timing for a new offering Youtube?