DTWS And Internet Star Hayes Grier Hospitalized After BAD Car Crash

Internet star and the youngest contestant to compete on Dancing With The Stars, Hayes Grier, has been badly injured in a car crash. His brother Nash made the heartbreaking announcement calling for #PrayForHayes.

Hayes, 16, is recovering in the hospital,” said his brother, who is 18 years old.

hayes grier crash scene

“Damn I hate hearing s**t like that on the phone scared me to death,” he added.He didn’t disclose where the accident took place or where his little bro was hospitalized, but #PrayForHayes quickly rocketed to the top trending topic on Twitter. Continue reading

Vine Star Bryan Silva Arrested After Tense Hours Long Police Standoff

Vine superstar, Bryan Silva, was arrested after making threats, posting messages on social media and holding Virginia police at bay for hours.

Silva, 25, was visited by Charlottesville police after they received a call for a disturbance. He is known for his huge social media following, but now he is destined to be infamous for something completely different.

Bryan Silva arrested

Investigators say a neighbor made the call after Silva’s 17-year-old girlfriend escaped from the house. Continue reading

Vet Who Claimed Pickup Was Vandalized By BlackLivesMatter Arrested

Scott Lattin, the man who claimed his pickup truck was vandalized with Black Lives Matter graffiti, was arrested and charged with making a false police report.

Lattin, 45, said he found his vehicle defaced after he posted “Police Lives Matter” on the rear window. Afterwards, the Vet collected donations.

Scott Lattin arrested black lives matter

Police arrested Lattin at his home without incident, according to a post on the Whitney Police Department’s Facebook page. Continue reading

People Freaking Out After Nescafe Changes Formula Of Popular Cappuccino

Loyal drinkers of Nestle‘s Nescafe strong cappuccino coffee flavor have bombarded the company with complaints after they changed the formula.

The new and not-so-improved changes to the Cafe Menu line of instant coffee drinks included the popular strong cappuccino and hazelnut latte flavors.

Nescafe strong cappuccino fail

After a trial tasting period, the consensus is in and a resounding majority of folks absolutely hate the new blend.

‘Nescafé what have you done to your new ‘creamier, frothier’ cappuccino? It is disgusting! I loved the old version, possibly too much,’ one customer wrote.
‘Sorry but this ‘new’ recipe for this once delicious coffee is just horrendous,’ another said.

Nescafe strong cappuccino fail 5 One disgruntled customer took a photo of the previous blend of strong cappuccino and a sachet of the new and improved version to show how much extra ‘powdered milk is in it’.

Nescafe strong cappuccino fail 3 ‘Managed to find some of the older cappuccino’s (sic). The one on the left is the new disgusting blend, look how much more powdered milk is in it… more coffee in the older one,’ she wrote. h/t dailymail

Nescafe strong cappuccino fail 4

Instead of changing back to the old formula, Nescafe is allegedly blocking numerous customers from venting on their Facebook page.

You Won’t Believe What TED NUGENT Said About CECIL

Ted Nugent, a huge hunting enthusiast, shared his thoughts on the slaughter of Cecil the lion, saying he believes the entire story is “fake.”

Nugent, speaking out on Facebook, says he doesn’t buy the story at all.

ted nugent cecil comments Hunter

“[T]he whole story is a lie. It was a wild lion from a ‘park’ where hunting is legal & ESSENTIAL beyond the park borders. Continue reading

Michael Jackson DANCING Appears During Thunderstorm!

An amateur photographer in Virginia, captured a photo of what resembles Michael Jackson dancing in an ominous group of thunderclouds.

John Plashal, an amature photogapher, snapped the shot and posted it to social media, and that’s when viewers noticed MJ dancing in the clouds.

Michael Jackson IMAGE Appears Thunderclouds

Plashal didn’t see Jackson at first, telling reporters: “It wasn’t even my favorite picture that I took. Continue reading

Sculptor Under Fire After Lucille Ball’s Hometown Decries: We Don’t Love Lucy!

Locals living in and around Lucille Ball‘s hometown of Celoron, N.Y., honored the actress by commissioning a life-size statue in her honor. But now the completed sculpture has many residences crying foul.

“This statue looks nothing like the beautiful Lucy we all know. If for no other reason than that… the statue should go,” commented one “I Love Lucy” lover. Another fan started a Facebook page titled We Love Lucy! Get Rid of this Statue.

Lucille Ball statue

“I think it looks like a monster. That is just my opinion,” the fan said. “When you see it at night, it is frightening.” Continue reading

Popular Straight Talking Miller High Life Delivery Man Dead At 36

The guy who played the delivery man in those Miller High Life commercials, Windell D. Middlebrooks, has died. He was only 36.

Middlebrooks died suddenly at his home.

Miller High Life delivery man 2

Sources close to Middlebrooks tell us he was found unconscious at home in the San Fernando Valley Monday morning — and was transported by ambulance to a hospital … where he was pronounced dead. Continue reading