Vine superstar, Bryan Silva, was arrested after making threats, posting messages on social media and holding Virginia police at bay for hours.

Silva, 25, was visited by Charlottesville police after they received a call for a disturbance. He is known for his huge social media following, but now he is destined to be infamous for something completely different.


Bryan Silva arrested

Investigators say a neighbor made the call after Silva’s 17-year-old girlfriend escaped from the house. “We got a call here this morning, shortly after 6 o’clock, for a disturbance, it was a domestic disturbance,” Charlottesville Police Chief Tim Longo said. “A female caller said she was threatened with a firearm.” When officers arrived, Silva refused to come out. While he barricaded himself inside, he posted a message to Facebook, writing “SHE BETRAYED ME.” He also posted a video just before he surrendered to police that showed him yelling, dancing and drinking what appeared to be alcohol. “He definitely wants to be a public figure and is a public figure, and he has like a million followers on Facebook and a Vine sensation and all of that,” a neighbor said. “Fortunately, by the grace of God this ended peacefully,” Longo said. h/t abc7

Bryan Silva arrested gun

Police were able to finally take Silva into custody after they launched a chemical irritant inside the home. Authorities the subdued the internet star and he was arrested without further incident.