There’s a new trick thieves are using to rip you off and it all starts with a coin being inserted into your car’s door handle.

If you see a coin in the gap of your car’s door handle and you didn’t put it there, be advised, you may have been targeted by crooks.


coin car door handle trick

Thieves are becoming more brazen and are now using a very sneaky and easy-to-miss method of breaking into your car. Check your door as they may shove a quarter or penny into the gap. If you miss it in the morning and drive away nothing really happens. The kicker is when you come home at night. When you get home and press the “lock” button on your remote the system will fail to lock. Then, when you go inside the waiting thief walks right up to your door and opens it. h/t qpolitical

coin car door handle trick 2

Will these bad people stop at nothing to violate law abiding citizens? Don’t let it happen to you! Pass this story along to your family and friends!