Hostage Situation At Downey Chris & Pitts Ends In Gunfire

An armed carjack suspect who led authorities on a high-speed chase from Pico Rivera to Downey ended up barricading himself inside iconic L.A. BBQ restaurant Chris & Pitts.

After police performed a pit maneuver, the suspect bailed from the vehicle, gun blazing, eventually entering the restaurant and taking hostages.

hostage situation chris & pitts

SWAT utilized a “flash bang” weapon, and then stormed the building. Shortly after, police could be seen milling about as a medical team entered.

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Full House John Stamos ENTERS REHAB

Full House star, John Stamos, has entered rehab. The TV star, known for his boyish looks, checked himself in for treatment one month after his DUI arrest.

Stamos, 51, entered a residential program for substance abuse after getting arrested in Beverly Hills on June 12.

John Stamos arrested nugshot

Cops cuffed the former “Full House” star on the scene, but then rushed him to a hospital for treatment … believing he was suffering from a serious medical condition. Continue reading

Adrien Broner DUI Arrest Video: Cops Change Tune After Learning Of Celeb Status

What started out as a contentious DUI investigation, ended up in a all-out lovefest, that is once arresting officers discovered they were dealing with a celebrity..

Authorities released boxer, Adrien Broner‘s dashcam DUI video of his January arrest in Ohio, and one thing is apparent, things only got warm and fuzzy for the fighter, after he informed cops he was rich and famous..

Adrien Broner DUI arrest video 3

The footage shows Broner being pulled over around 1:30 AM in his white Mercedes on January 11th — after the cop sees the boxing champ driving in two lanes. Continue reading

Bobbi Kristina WANTED BY COPS At Time Of Tragedy

At the time of Bobbi Kristinas tragic drowning last weekend, she had a warrant out for her arrest.

Three days before Brown was found unconscious at home in her bathtub, the court had issued a warrant for her arrest over failing to appear at a traffic violation hearing.

bobbi kristina  accident scene

Signed by Alpharetta Municipal Court Judge Lee Whiteside, the warrant states that for failure to appear on Jan. 14, Continue reading

Elementary Teacher Crashes On WAY TO SCHOOL Blows 3X Legal Limit

Third-grade elementary school teacher, Patricia Robertson, was arrested for DUI after she blew three-times the legal blood-alcohol limit. She was on her way to school.

Robertson, a 30 year veteran teacher at Earl Warren Elementary for the Sacramento City Unified School District, hit a parked car in a driveway, sending it into a home and then struck a second parked car, sending it into a second house.

Patricia Robertson crash dui sacramento

“I opened up the door, and asked if she was O.K., and she just said she needed to call her school. She was a school teacher and needed to call her school,” neighbor Patrick Nance said. Continue reading

Amanda Bynes SECRET AUDIO: I Want To Slit My Dad’s Throat

Amanda Bynes is a very, very sick lady who needs more than help, she need a padded cell, and STAT before she hurts herself or someone else, in this case, her father.

In the sad world of Hollywood friends, Amanda’s recent roomie, secretly recorded the troubled actress as they drove around Hollywood. Among other things, Amanda says that she would get “great pleasure” out of slitting her dad’s throat..


The audio was recorded a week ago by one of Amanda’s West Hollywood roommates as they drove. Continue reading

Cake Boss Celebrity Chef Buddy Valastro DUI

Celebrity chef and star of TLC‘s “Cake Boss,” Buddy Valastro, was arrested and charged with drunken driving early on Thursday morning.

Valastro, 37, was observed weaving his bright yellow Corvette through traffic in a NYC neighborhood on 10th Avenue near 32nd Street.

20479 Buddy in Room. Originals.

Valastro, whose Hoboken, New Jersey, bakery is the inspiration for the show on Discovery Communication’s TLC network, was pulled over in his 2014 yellow Corvette at 1 a.m. on 10th Avenue near 32nd Street, according to police. Continue reading

DUI Driver Hits Pedestrian Drives Over Mile With Man Lodged In Windshield

Ocean County, NJ., cops say a drunk driver hit a pedestrian and then proceeded to drive over a mile with the victim lodged in his windshield..

Authorities say Marcos Ortega, 33, struck a man then drove more than a mile before cops caught up and arrested him.

Marcos Ortega dui ocean county

The victim, a 66-year-old man, was rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

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CHP Officer Sends Woman’s Intimate Cell Photos To His Phone

California Highway Patrol officer has been has been assigned to desk duty after being accused of secretly sending intimate photos of a DUI suspect from her cellphone to his own phone while the woman was in custody.

City records reveal that Sean Harrington, 35, a five-year veteran based in Dublin, could be charged with felony computer theft after forwarding himself six explicit photos during the booking a 23-year-old San Ramon woman in August.

CHP Officer Sends Woman's Intimate Cell Photos To His Own Phone 6

The photos depict the woman, who is not being identified, in a bikini and in various states of undress.

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