What started out as a contentious DUI investigation, ended up in a all-out lovefest, that is once arresting officers discovered they were dealing with a celebrity..

Authorities released boxer, Adrien Broner‘s dashcam DUI video of his January arrest in Ohio, and one thing is apparent, things only got warm and fuzzy for the fighter, after he informed cops he was rich and famous..


Adrien Broner DUI arrest video 3

The footage shows Broner being pulled over around 1:30 AM in his white Mercedes on January 11th — after the cop sees the boxing champ driving in two lanes. At first, things seem bad for Broner — the officer is pissed and Broner can be heard slurring his words. But things take a turn — Broner professes his innocence … and actually charms the cop, who eventually tells him she just wants the best for him.

— “Ya’ll don’t know who you arrested. If ya’ll did, I’d be on the news right now.”
— The cop compliments Broner’s physique.
— Broner tells the cop, “I love you.”
— Cop asks Broner where he fights. Broner responds, “The world.” h/t tmz

At one point, Broner informs police he’s “blessed” — ’cause he’s made more than $100 million in his career. Case closed.

Broner later pled not guilty and still plans on fighting the charges.