EVACUATION Happening At Newark NJ Airport

Dozens of travelers are being evacuated from air trains running at Newark Liberty Airport on Wednesday night.

Reports say that at least five trains are currently stuck. The cause of the outage has not yet been released.

Newark Airport Scenics and Customer Care

The trains run in between the various terminals at the airport. Police ordered to have power turned off before removing passengers from the trains. Continue reading

Snapchat Stumble? New Update Panned By Users ‘It’s Confusing’

Snapchat may have updated themselves into oblivion.. After its biggest update in months last Thursday, the popular chat app is getting less than rave reviews.


One high school teacher said the update was the biggest disruption in her classroom in 16 years, “One student even crawled under her desk to avoid getting her phone taken away mid-download,” but that was then, and this is now..

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SIRI: Your Friend, Your Assistant and Potential C***blocker

There’s nothing worse than when your friend accidentally says the wrong thing about you to the chick or dude you are trying to hook up with

Unfortunately, your friend might say something negative about you on purpose because they have their own agenda with your targeted potential, which means that they are a cockblocker! The iPhone 4′s assistant could very well included in the cockblocking category…

Siri, that sweet voice-activated female robot who lives inside of iPhone 4, can still take commands when your phone is even ‘passcode locked’.

That’s not good, because if a curious potential mate or one you are stuck with already- holds down the home button and asks Siri a question, Siri will spill the beans!

Siri isn’t seasoned enough to only spill the beans to the owner of the phone- she’ll tell anyone anything if they ask. Maybe the next iPhone 5 will have the technology to only tell all to the owner- recognizing the owner’s tone and then allowing access.

Fortunately, you players out there are in luck, because there is a way to shut Siri’s mouth if you can remember to switch the option off and on. All you need to do is go into your settings and turn Siri off!

Here’s a photo of what your phone’s settings should look like, and where the button is.