Over 200,000 Private SNAPCHAT Photos LEAK

Celebrities fell victim to the massive celebrity photo leak, and now the general public is feeling the burn after a 3rd party Snapchat app has been pilfered for over 13 GB of random user’s personal snaps..

SnapSave makes it possible to save Snapchat photos and videos. It also saves them without letting the sender know, until now..

snapchat leaked 4chan

A Snapchat representative said in a statement:

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Snapchat Stumble? New Update Panned By Users ‘It’s Confusing’

Snapchat may have updated themselves into oblivion.. After its biggest update in months last Thursday, the popular chat app is getting less than rave reviews.


One high school teacher said the update was the biggest disruption in her classroom in 16 years, “One student even crawled under her desk to avoid getting her phone taken away mid-download,” but that was then, and this is now..

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