AL Woman ‘Researched Obituaries’ Burglarized Homes Of Mourners Attending Funerals

PRICEVILLE, AL. (THECOUNT) — Jennifer Lynn Azizian, of Madison, Alabama, was arrested Wednesday for allegedly burglarizing multiple homes while the people living there were attending loved one’s funerals.

Priceville Police say, Azizian, 43, studied obituaries for personal information, looking for potential grieving targets.

While those in mourning paid their respects, Azizian allegedly broke into their homes and removed their belongings.

Officials said after gaining video evidence, they executed a warrant.

Following execution of the search warrant, the department said it was clear that the suspect had been researching obituaries for some time, reported DothanFirst.

Azizian was charged with four counts of third-degree burglary. Each burglary charge was given a $15,000 bond, which led to a total of $62,800.00 when combined with her other charges.

Anyone with possible information on the incident or if you believe you may have been victimized by the suspect, please contact police at 911.

Geo quick facts: Priceville is the third largest municipality in Morgan County, Alabama, United States and is included in the Decatur Metropolitan Area, as well as the Huntsville-Decatur Combined Statistical Area. The 2010 census counted a population of 2,658, up from 1,631. Priceville was incorporated in 1975 – Wikipedia.

Los Angeles DA Jackie Lacey FLEES After Black Lives Matter Disrupt Meeting

District Attorney Jackie Lacey fled a meeting early after being confronted by Black Lives Matter supporters who overtook the gathering.

After an hour into the community event, Lacey appeared to have had enough, and walked out. When But Lacey did have the microphone, she was interrupted consistently.


Lisa Simpson says she wanted to confront Lacey at a town hall after her 18-year-old son was killed by Los Angeles Police Department officers in July. “She got the power to stop it, but she won’t, and I wanna know why because I’ll never get to see my son again,” Simpson said. Continue reading

Burglar In Chimney Cooked Alive After Homeowner Lights Fireplace

A burglar in Fresno California is dead after becoming lodged in a chimney Saturday when the homeowner lit the fireplace.

The crook climbed in the chimney Friday night burglarize the home but became stuck. The man was discovered cooked alive after the homeowner came home and lit the fireplace.

Chimney Burglar Cooked Alive After Homeowner Lights Fireplace

The homeowner heard the burglar scream from inside the chimney and worked to put the fire out Continue reading

Bob Barker Cracks Head Open In Fall Outside Hollywood Home

Former host of The Price Is Right, and Happy Gilmore star, Bob Barker, cracked his head open after a serious fall outside his Hollywood Hills home.

Barker, 91, also injured his knee in the accident which was luckily aided by two LAPD officers who just happened to be in the area.

happy gilmore bob barker

Bob was taking a walk at around 10:30 AM near his Hollywood Hills home when he tripped on the sidewalk. Continue reading

Brave CT Teen Hides In Attic During HOME INVASION Whispers 911 Call

A very brave Connecticut teen had the presents of mind to scurry up to his home’s attic, undetected, after burglars staged an afternoon home invasion.

Two men, who had already attempted and failed breaking into two other homes on the same block, successfully broke into the home of the 13-year-old, who quickly hid in the attic while making a very quiet call to 911.

Connecticut teen hides in closet

Police arrived code 3 which likely scared the offenders out of the house. After scanning the neighborhood, Continue reading

Sandra Bullock Home Invader 7 MACHINE GUNS

Joshua Corbett, the man arrested for breaking into Sandra Bullock‘s house earlier this month was found to own 7 machine guns.

Corbett, who actually entered Bullock‘s house, while she was home, was later found with a machine gun at his home.  Today authorities announced they found a total of 7 machine guns, as well as other weapons.

Joshua Corbett

Law enforcement sources say Corbett was not at Bullock’s house to burglarize it, rather he wanted to make contact with the star. source Continue reading

Anchorman 2 Set Burglarized $300,000 Equipment ‘Stay Classy Atlanta’

Leave it to some crooks to delay the premiere of one of this year’s most anticipated sequels “Anchorman 2, the legend of Ron Burgundy lives.”


Cops in ATL are on the hunt for the scumbag (or scumbags) who broke into a warehouse that’s being used as a set for “Anchorman 2” late last month and made off with $300k of wire and some computers.

According to police, the burglary is just the latest in a string of break-ins in the area.

So far, no arrests have been made.

You stay classy.


Talk about being wired! Atlanta is a very cool place but it can also be a very scary place, take it from me, been there done that.