Sandra Bullock Sounds Terrified Reporting Intruder To 911

An extremely alarmed Sandra Bullock was caught on a 911 audio recording reporting an intruder in her home.

The tape was played during a court hearing for the man accused of breaking into the actress’ house while she slept.

Sandra Bullock 5

The Oscar-winning actress is heard telling police that she is hiding in the closet of her Los Angeles home after seeing the man. Continue reading

Sandra Bullock Home Invader 7 MACHINE GUNS

Joshua Corbett, the man arrested for breaking into Sandra Bullock‘s house earlier this month was found to own 7 machine guns.

Corbett, who actually entered Bullock‘s house, while she was home, was later found with a machine gun at his home.  Today authorities announced they found a total of 7 machine guns, as well as other weapons.

Joshua Corbett

Law enforcement sources say Corbett was not at Bullock’s house to burglarize it, rather he wanted to make contact with the star. source Continue reading