Sin City Finally Gets IKEA! Takes Title, Las Vegas Largest Store

IKEA, the furniture superstore, has finally made its way to Las Vegas and will open its doors on May 18, 2016.

Customers are expected to line up for the grand opening on May 16 for special deals and promotions.

ikea las vegas

The 351,000-square-foot store will be IKEA’s first Nevada store, and 42nd U.S. store. “We are thrilled by the excellent construction progress made to date, and believe we can complete the remaining milestones and interior build-up by mid-May Continue reading

Bugatti Chiron VS Lamborghini Veneno: Top Speed And 0 To 60

Behold the $4.5-million, 740-horsepower 2017 Lamborghini Veneno Roadster and the $3.5-million 2017 Bugatti Chiron. If you’re a speed demon and you wouldn’t mind saving a cool million bucks off the sticker, consider some of the specs we found below.

The Lamborghini comes with a 6.5-liter V12 engine that will shoot the Veneno to 60 mph from a standstill in 2.9 seconds on the way to a top speed of 220-mile-per-hour, while the Bugatti Chiron (pronounced Shir-on,) screams to a top speed of 290 mph, while sprinting from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.2 seconds. Be aware, if extreme exclusivity is important to you, the Chiron is limited to 500 units, while the Veneno is limited to only nine.

Lamborghini Veneno Roadster

Pictured below is a dealership in Hong Kong that just received two of nine of the highly sought after Lamborghini supercars. Continue reading

Paul Walker Father SUING Roger Rodas Estate For $1.8M

Fallen Fast And Furious actor, Paul Walker, died in November of 2013 in a fiery Porsche crash along with his best friend, Roger Rodas.

Flash forward two years later and now, Paul William Walker III, the actor’s father, has filed a creditor’s claim of $1.8 million against the estate of Rodas.

Paul William Walker III

The claim argues that Rodas’ estate is in possession of “numerous automobiles and other motor vehicles that are either wholly or partially owned” by Walker. Continue reading

Pregnant Aubrey Andrews Found DEAD In Prius

Authorities have identified a person found dead inside of a car to be that of  Elk Grove’s Aubrey Andrews..

Andrews’s 9-month pregnant body was found Monday night along Elk Grove Boulevard in her Prius. The fate of her baby has not yet been revealed.


Early Wednesday afternoon, Sacramento Police announced that the person found inside the car was indeed Aubrey. Continue reading

Couple Gets Revenge On Package Thief With Box Full Of Dog Poop

Revenge is a dish best served stinky.

After a thief stole several packages off their front porch, a couple decided to teach him a lesson, with a package filled with dog poop.

Couple Get's Revenge On Package Thief With Box Full Of Dog Poop

Residents of the Washington, DC metro area have captured videos of thieves stealing their packages. But for one couple, catching the thieves on camera wasn’t enough. They decided to box up a stinky surprise from their two dogs. “Obviously, it made me really mad,” the homeowner said.

The woman and her boyfriend are not being identified.


A teen in New York taking a test drive in a Lamborghini has died after crashing into a guardrail.

Samuel Shepard, 18, was taking the car for a test drive on a road in Long Island when he lost control.Samuel-Shepard-crash-accident--400x205

The car’s owner, Michael Power, was a passenger in the car and was treated for nonlife-threatening injuries. Det. Sgt. Michael Fitzharris tells Newsday that excessive speed is believed to be a factor in the crash. Of the test drive, Fitzharris says, “I think it was probably just a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the kid, and this man chose to give him this opportunity.” source

Shepard’s father, Gene, tells the newspaper that Lamborghinis were his son’s favorite car.

Six kids fall from atop moving car driven by drunk mother

Kisha Young, 38, was worried that her car’s interior would get soaked, so the Texas woman told her six children, fresh from a community pool, to ride atop her car’s trunk for the one-mile trek home.

Young then proceeded to make a sharp turn, catapulting the kids to the ground, injuring them, one hospitalized with a severe head wound. The bad mom was allegedly inebriated.

kisha young car

Four of the six children flung from the car were injured, with a 12-year-old girl requiring hospitalization for a severe head injury. Continue reading

Pro Surfer Charged ATTEMPTED MURDER After Savagely Beating Woman 73

Jill Hansen, a professional female surfer remains in custody after being charged with the attempted murder of an elderly woman. Her motive is unknown, however cops say carjacking and or home invasion is likely.

Jill Hansen Elizabeth Conklin 2

According to police, Hansen, 30, approached Elizabeth Conklin, 73, as she sat in her car and began beating her.

Continue reading

Girl 6 Steals Mom’s BMW Drives To See Father Crashes (Video)

How low? How low in age can you go? Before you’d think someone is to simply too young to start committing crime? How about 6-years-old? Is that low enough for you? These days who knows? Anything seems possible… Maybe someday I’ll be writing about a 3 year old stealing the space shuttle… This time it’s a little girl aged 6 – stealing her mom’s BMW to drive across town to visit her father. The brat was unharmed which is more than I can say for about a half dozen vehicles she crashed into along her joyride. I don’t mean to make light of the situation, obviously the child was very frightened to be at home.


Pittsburgh police say a determined 6-year-old girl didn’t hurt anyone when she crashed her mother’s car while trying to drive across town to visit her father.

Police haven’t released the name of the girl whose mother was reportedly still sleeping when the girl took the woman’s car keys about 9 a.m. Sunday.

Police Sgt. Jerry Parker tells reporters the little girl is tall for her age, but adds: “How she knew how to operate a car, your guess is as good as mine.”

Police say the girl hit two parked vehicles, pushing one of them into a third, before hitting a utility pole.

Police and the girl’s father arrived to take her home after the accident.

Police are still investigating but haven’t said if anyone will face charges. source.