Adrian Peterson Getting Hit Where It Really HURTS!

Adrian Peterson “just did it,” when it came time to deliver a thumpin’ on his young child, and now the baller is getting hit hard himself, where it really hurts the most, the wallet.

NIKE has announced that they have dropped Peterson’s endorsement deal, directly after he successfully struck a plea deal in his child abuse case.

Adrian Peterson IN COURT 5

Nike had suspended its contract with Peterson in September, right after he was arrested for hitting his son with a switch — but today the company fully cut ties with the Vikings running back. Continue reading

Adrian Peterson VIOLATES Terms Of Release FAILS Drug Test

Adrian Peterson has admitted to violating the terms of his bonded release and now prosecutors want the baller arrested.

The Vikings star said he “smoked a little weed” before failing a court-ordered drug test.

Adrian Peterson switch mug shot

Prosecutors are gunning to throw the NFL star in jail. Peterson had to submit to a court-ordered drug test as a condition of his bond in his child abuse case in Texas … and according to the docs, he submitted to a urine test on Wednesday. According to the docs, during the testing process, Peterson admitted to an employee of the company that conducted the testing that he recently “smoked a little weed.” h/t tmz

Prosecutors say that doing drugs are a direct violation of the terms of his bond — and now they have asked the court to order him to be arrested.

Supernanny To The Rescue! Jo Frost To Adrian Peterson: Call Me!

As Adrian Peterson stands in the corner during his NFL imposed time-out, Supernanny Jo Frost appears to help him rid himself of his child abusing ways. The popular TV nanny contacted the league offering her help, ala parenting skills.

JoJo reached out the to NFL offering up some valuable advice for the embroiled running back in the video below.

supernanny-jo-frost-adrian-peterson 4

Frost says she strongly believes she can teach Peterson how to be an effective parent WITHOUT using violence — and has contacted both the NFL and Peterson to offer her expertise. “He needs parental coaching, “Frost says … “And I hope he picks up the phone.” source

The reality star and parenting expert, who recently worked with Peterson on an EpiPen promotional campaign, says she was “very saddened” when she saw how Peterson disciplined his child and felt compelled to help.


Nike has announced it has suspended its endorsement deal with Adrian Peterson on the heels of the NFL star’s indictment for child abuse.

The apparel giant steeped in sports issued a statement saying, “Nike in no way condones child abuse or domestic violence of any kind and has shared our concerns with the NFL.”


“We have suspended our contract with Adrian Peterson.” The timing is interesting … considering AP left his house in Minnesota Tuesday covered head-to-toe in Nike gear. It’s almost like when Nike saw AP repping the brand in public, it seemed to be the final straw. source

Peterson was one of the Nike biggest selling endorsees. By suspending their contract with the baller, it leaves the door slightly open to reinstatement.

Adrian Peterson Accused Of Beating ANOTHER Boy 4

Adrian Peterson, on the heels of his indictment for beating a child, is being accused by another babymama of also beating her four-year-old son.

In text messages airing on local news, Peterson tells the mother that the boy, 4, received the beating because he was swearing at a sibling while they were out for a drive.

Adrian Peterson

While Peterson wouldn’t tell her what he hit the boy with, he hit hard enough to leave a scar on the boy’s face— Continue reading

Adrian Peterson Breaks Silence VIKING REACTIVATE

Adrian Peterson broke his silence in the form of a religious tweet.

Peterson sent out the tweet as the Vikings were kicking off against the Patriots sans him. He didn’t mention the charges, but instead sent out a picture of highlighted religious verses.

Adrian Peterson tweet

Peterson, who was indicted on a child abuse charge, was reactivated by the Vikings, clearing him to play. Continue reading

ESPN Cris Carter: My Mom Was Wrong, You Can’t Beat A Kid

On the heels of Adrian Peterson‘s indictment for committing injury to a child, Hall of Fame Viking and ESPN host Cris Carter offered his thoughts on disciplining children and how he learned from his own childhood, that his mother was wrong for beating him.

As Ray Lewis, Tom Jackson and Mike Ditka listened, Carter delivered a speech worthy of a Sunday sermon.

Cris Carter

Appearing on ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown, Carter said “People with any kind of Christian background they really believe in disciplining their children.” Continue reading