Stacey Dash took to her Twitter account to to let her followers know her feelings on Bill Cosby.

The actress turned Fox News contributor said she knew Cosby when she was a teen and that he never laid a hand on her and was a “perfect gentleman.”


stacey dash

While some users thanked her for her input on the matter, many users fired back, suggesting she was attempting to discredit the 15 women who have accused the 77-year-old comedian of assault. Allegations against Cosby began making headlines after fellow comedian Hannibal Buress used it during a stand-up routine in October. h/t thegrio

Recently self-proclaimed supermodel Janice Dickinson is the most recent woman to come forward alleging Bill Cosby assaulted her when she was a teen. Dickinson also claims Cosby drugged then raped her.

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