Cardi B & Chance The Rapper ‘Trump Is Going To Win In 2020’ Nobody Saying They ‘Love’ Dem Candidate ‘Biggest Base’

ATLANTA, GA. (THECOUNT) — Though it’s clearly not what they want, Cardi B, a Bernie Sanders supporter, and Chance The Rapper – both said during a recent interview that Donald Trump will be re-elected in 2020.

The pair both agreed, while appearing on fellow rapper T.I.‘s new expediTIously podcast to discuss their new Netflix show, Rhythm + Flow.

After segueing into Cardi’s love for history, the topic turned to politics and both Chance and Cardi agreed that it’s likely Trump will be leading the country for another four years, reports XXL.

“The reason that we keep getting Presidents that we don’t want is because we keep getting tricked into thinking we have a choice,” Chance said on the show. “I totally believe—and y’all can quote me on this a couple years down the line—I think Trump is going to win again at the next election because he’s got the biggest base.”

Cardi echoed his sentiments, even though she currently endorses Bernie Sanders.

“He does. I believe it!” Cardi replied. “I really hate to say it, but sometimes I do believe that Trump will be winning. Just because due to the fact that every single time I don’t see nobody saying that they love a Democratic candidate. There’s no candidate that people are saying like we love, we want them to win.”

Chance went on to say that he believes the President once Trump is out of office will not be in the Democratic or Republican parties.

“The next President after Donald Trump will be our first-ever independent President,” Chance predicted. “And if they not independent, they’ll be from a fringe party.”

As for Cardi, she still very much stands with Bernie.

“He’s just really like, a person that care. And I really want that,” she told Tip. “I want somebody that care for not just America but everybody in America! Every person white, every person of color, Black, Hispanic, Muslim—everybody! He cares for a whole.”

You can listen to the full podcast episode at PodcastOne.

Geo quick facts: Atlanta is the capital of the U.S. state of Georgia. It played an important part in both the Civil War and the 1960s Civil Rights Movement. Atlanta History Center chronicles the city’s past, and the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site is dedicated to the African-American leader’s life and times. Downtown, Centennial Olympic Park, built for the 1996 Olympics, encompasses the massive Georgia Aquarium – wikipedia.

Tom Hayden Famed Anti-War Activist And Former Jane Fonda Husband Dead At 79

Tom Hayden, the popular liberal activist has died. Hayden’s current wife broke the sad news. He was 79.

Hayden was perhaps best known for his role as a major anti-war, civil rights, and radical intellectual counterculture activist. At one time he was married to actress Jane Fonda. He is the father of actor Troy Garity. Hayden also served as a California state lawmaker.


Our thoughts and prayers go out to Hayden’s family and friends at this difficult time. Continue reading

The Cool Story Behind The BoJack Horseman THEME SONG

Netflix’s animated comedy Bojack Horseman opens with a curious and unique theme song. But what’s the story behind the haunting track?

The opening theme song, which was never intended to be used for television, was created by Patrick Carney, the drummer for the Black Keys, and his uncle, Ralph Carney. The pair have been collaborating for years, sending cassette tapes back and forth when Patrick was a teenager.

bojack houseman theme song

When Patrick set up a studio in his home in Nashville, he began to put together a track to test out his equipment. Continue reading

New Pennsylvania NETFLIX TAX Goes Into Effect TODAY

If you live in Pittsburg and subscribe to Netflix, be expecting to pay more to watch starting today thanks to a series of new taxes. The tax will also affect online music, ebooks, apps, online games, and ringtones.

The new taxes, which target digital downloads and subscription services, are part of a revenue package passed by the Legislature and signed by Gov. Tom Wolf to fill a $1.3 billion hole in the state’s new $31.5 billion budget.

pa netflix tax

The state’s existing 6-percent sales tax will now be extended to digital downloads and subscription services like Netflix and Hulu.  Continue reading

Tom Cruise Movie Plane Crashes Killing 2

A small plane assigned to the crew of a movie starring Tom Cruise has crashed in Colombia, killing two. A third person aboard was injured.

Cruise was not on the aircraft at the time of the crash, an official with the Colombian aviation agency confirmed.

tom cruise pilot

The spokesperson said two American pilots and a Colombian were on the plane, but authorities were still trying to identify which of the two people died. Continue reading

Netflix Losing MASSIVE Amount Of Movie! Here’s Their Explanation

Netflix just announced that they will not be renewing their deal with Epix, which means the streaming service will be losing a huge amount of first run movies, like, Hunger Games, Transformers, Ninja Turtles, The Expendables, The Wolf of Wall Street and tons more.

The folks at Netflix think you’ll be okay with the massive loss of content because, in a nutshell, they’ll have their own in-house produced movies, eventually. Here’s the entire statement.

netflix epix deal ending

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New Petition: HEY OLSEN TWINS! Join The Full House Redux!

Wow! Some people take their favorite retro TV shows very seriously! Case in point, here’s a new petition meant to encourage Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, aka, the Olsen Twins, to join Netflix’s new Full House redux, called Fuller House.

Will you be signing? Comment below or visit the petition here.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen petition full house 2

From petition:

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OH NO!!!!!!!! Commercials Coming To NETFLIX!

Prepare to be horrified! Netflix is officially experimenting with adding commercials to their movies!

Currently in the testing phase in limited markets, the streaming giant is trying to sneak in ad spots before and after your favorite movies! Say what? And no, you won’t get a discount on your subscription rate!


The company has yet to make a final decision on whether or not commercials will become a permanent fixture in your viewing binges.

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Stacey Dash On Bill Cosby: We Were Alone Together Many Times

Stacey Dash took to her Twitter account to to let her followers know her feelings on Bill Cosby.

The actress turned Fox News contributor said she knew Cosby when she was a teen and that he never laid a hand on her and was a “perfect gentleman.”

stacey dash

While some users thanked her for her input on the matter, many users fired back, suggesting she was attempting to discredit the 15 women who have accused the 77-year-old comedian of assault. Continue reading