Tragedy Strikes Bill Cosby Family After Daughter Ensa Cosby Dies At 44

A Bill Cosby spokesman said Monday, the comedian’s 44-year-old daughter Ensa Cosby has died in Massachusetts.

The cause of death has not been officially released, but a spokesman for Cosby, Andrew Wyatt told USA Today she died of renal disease. Wyatt also released a statement saying,

“Please keep the Cosby family in your prayers and give them peace at this time.”

Ensa Cosby made headlines last year when she stood up for her father regarding the multiple sexual assault allegations, she said on Michael Smerconish’s radio show.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends at this difficult time.

Bill Cosby Judge: Jury Quaalude Testimony Ok Spanish Fly NOT

The judge in the Bill Cosby‘s sexual assault trial ruled Friday jurors can hear his deposition testimony about quaaludes, but not his references to the supposed aphrodisiac Spanish fly.

Cosby, 79, is going to trial over the drugging and subsequent molestation of Temple University employee Andrea Constand at his suburban Philadelphia home in 2004. He calls the encounter consensual.

In the decade-old deposition, Cosby said he got seven prescriptions for quaaludes in the 1970s, intending not to take them himself but to give them to women he was pursuing for sex. The powerful sedatives were banned in 1983, and Cosby said he no longer had them when he met Constand 20 years later. Continue reading

Who Is Leslie Millwee? And Did Bill Clinton Really Sexually Assault Her?

Leslie Millwee is speaking out for the first time claiming that on three occasions Bill Clinton sexually assaulted her. On one such meeting the former president groped her while he rubbed himself against her until he fully satisfied himself.

Millwee, a former local television news reporter from Arkansas, claims she was assaulted by Clinton on three separate occasions in 1980.


After these alleged sexual assaults, Millwee claims, Clinton showed up at her apartment and knocked on her door for several minutes while trying to talk his way inside. Continue reading

Tyga: I Facetimed Girl 14 To Hear Her Sing

Tyga is responding to claims he Facetimed 14-year-old aspiring singer and model, Molly O’Malia, saying he did so, to hear her sing.

O’Malia held a press conference yesterday in response to reports that she and the rapper were involved in a “relationship.”

Tyga Molly OMalia facetime

O’Malia claimed that Tyga sent her “uncomfortable” messages, and that she continued conversation with him with hopes that his motivations were about her music. Continue reading

New York Magazine Cover Features 35 BILL COSBY Accusers

Thirty-five of a staggering 46 Bill Cosby accusers are being featured on the cover of the new issue of New York Magazine.

The image was posted tonight on the New York periodicals official Instagram account.

bill cosby accusers new york magazine

From Instagram: So far, 46 women have come forward to accuse Bill Cosby of sexual assault, in some cases, according to a recently unsealed deposition, with the aid of quaaludes—a powerful sedative that can render a person functionally immobile. Continue reading

Kenan Thompson On Bill Cosby: He’s A Piece Of S**T

SNL‘s Kenan Thompson unloaded on his former mentor, Bill Cosby for the first time while performing at a college on Monday.

Thompson said Cosby has transformed into a “monster,” going on to say, “what it feels like to have someone go from so commonly liked to being a piece of s**t.”

Kenan Thompson bill cosby 3

Thompson, who played Fat Albert in the 2004 Cosby-produced film Fat Albert, also reportedly recalled a story from that set, saying, “Cosby pulled me aside and said that after the movie comes out, it’ll be so hard to keep the women off you, you’ll need two dicks.’” Continue reading

HEY HEY HEY: Bill Cosby Evokes FAT ALBERT To Respond To Boston Protest

Bill Cosby is set to appear at the Wilbur Theatre in Boston and already he’s defending himself, this time, in a cartoonish way..

The embattled comedian, knee-deep in accusations from dozens of women, evoked his character from the cartoon, Fat Albert, to brazenly address his future.

bill cosby fat albert together

Hey, Hey, Hey — I’m Far From Finished,” the comedian said. Continue reading

OFFICIAL COUNT: Bill Cosby Accusers At 24 – Add Sammy Davis Jr. Ex

Add another accuser to the LONG list of women claiming Bill Cosby drugged and assaulted them.

Katherine McKee, best known as the late Sammy Davis Jr.’s former girlfriend, says Cosby grabbed her the moment she walked in his hotel room In Las Vegas with an order of barbecue ribs.

Katherine McKee sammy

“We were still standing at the door when he attacked me,” she told the Daily News. Continue reading

Did Oprah Winfrey Really Say Bill Cosby Drugged Her?

An article claiming Oprah Winfrey was drugged and assaulted by Bill Cosby is fake.

The article appeared in a satirical news website fooling many an internet goer and garnering tens of thousands of shares as of Friday.


Here’s the disclaimer for the site at the bottom of the page: “This website is a daily satirical news source. Meaning complete fiction.” Continue reading