Seems as though Nobu restaurant located in trendy Malibu Ca., is letting its younger jet set crowd consume alcohol! Pudding proof is Disney star, Billy Unger, who was arrested shortly after departing the eatery..

Unger, 18, who stars in Disney’s Lab Ratswas arrested and charged with DUI according to the Malibu Lost Hills Sheriff’s Department.


Billy Unger arrested

The actor tweeted that he was on the way to Nobu, later tweeting from inside the establishment:

“Nice legs, Miss Malibu. #Nobu.”

According to law enforcement officials, Unger was stopped at a DUI checkpoint in Malibu late Friday night and was subsequently arrested and taken to a local police station in the early hours of Saturday morning. He was released from custody only a few hours after his booking. source


Unger stars as a teenager who has bionic powers.