Lindsay Lohan is freaking out after having her laptop stolen at LAX upon returning from China. The actress claims the Apple MacBook Pro contains naked pictures and sensitive private correspondence between herself and famous people including Lady Gaga and Woody Allen! How about Jack Nicholson? Now that would be interesting!



Gossip Cop is reporting,

someone swiped the actress’ laptop at the airport as she returned from a trip to China, and Lohan offered a reward for its return on Twitter.

Now TMZ reports that the star is worried that unreleased nude photos from various shoots will be discovered on the computer and leaked.

The outlet also alleges that communication between Lohan and famous people including Lady Gaga and Woody Allen is also in danger of being exposed.

Lohan herself has not commented on the nature of the material on her computer — and in fact pulled down her tweets about the theft. will have updates as they become available.