“The Shining” Actress Shelley Duvall HOMELESS Suffering From Severe MENTAL ILLNESS

Shelley Duvall, the actress best known for starring alongside Jack Nicholson in the thriller classic “The Shining,” is now homeless and suffering from severe mental illness. Duvall’s shocking transformation from movie star to homeless person is revealed on an upcoming episode of the Dr. Phil Show.

Duvall, who also starred as Olive Oyl in Robin Williams‘ “Popeye,” has been leading the life of a hermit, managing to stay far away from the glare of the bright lights of Hollywood.


In a preview of Duvall’s interview with Phil McGraw, the 67-year-old Duvall claims Williams, who died in 2014, is alive and “shape shifting.” She also tells McGraw that she is “very sick” and needs help. The interview is set to air Friday. The clip has drawn criticism from the daughter of Stanley Kubrick, who directed “The Shining.” Continue reading


Lindsay Lohan is freaking out after having her laptop stolen at LAX upon returning from China. The actress claims the Apple MacBook Pro contains naked pictures and sensitive private correspondence between herself and famous people including Lady Gaga and Woody Allen! How about Jack Nicholson? Now that would be interesting!

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Jack Nicholson Waving Green Flag at Indianapolis 500 Sunday

Jack Nicholson

Jack Nicholson is confirmed to wave the green flag at the Indianapolis 500 race on Sunday. Good thing I’m visiting Indiana right now, and going to the race! I have fallen out of my nest and gone cuckoo!

Previous celebrities who have waved the green flag include four-time NFL MVP Peyton Manning and Olympic gold medalist Kristi Yamaguchi. Now Jack! Beat that!

See you there!