Mariel Hemingway BOMBSHELL Book: Robert DeNiro Hit On Me

Woody Allen made a serious play in an effort to hook up with a then 18-year-old: Mariel Hemingway by trying to book a paris getaway for just the two of them.

Hemingway had just starred with Allen in the 1979 hit movie “Manhattan” when the director flew out to her parents’ home in Idaho saying he wanted to take her to Paris.

Mariel Hemingway Robert DeNiro

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Woody Allen Adopted Daughter Dylan Farrow Through The Years

Dylan “Eliza” Farrow was adopted. In 1987, Mia Farrow and Woody allen welcomed their son Satchel O’Sullivan Farrow, later known as Ronan Farrow.050203Celebs47AR

In a 2013 interview with Vanity Fair, Farrow stated that Ronan could “possibly” be the biological child of her first husband Frank Sinatra, with whom she claims to have “never really split up.”
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Lindsay Lohan is freaking out after having her laptop stolen at LAX upon returning from China. The actress claims the Apple MacBook Pro contains naked pictures and sensitive private correspondence between herself and famous people including Lady Gaga and Woody Allen! How about Jack Nicholson? Now that would be interesting!

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Every Woody Allen Stutter From Every Woody Allen Movie EVER

This is such a weirdly fantastic idea! Every single Woody Allen signature stammer ever – captured and edited together on this video! Over 40 minutes of the stuttering stuff! It won’t matter a hill of beans whether or not Woody ever finishes a sentence! That’s the whole point! He never does! Ever! Ba, ba, ba, brilliant!

Woody Allen

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Amanda Bynes Retired from Acting

amandabynes Amanda Bynes Retired from Acting

Amanda Bynes who is 24, has been in entertainment for half of her life, landing the famous Nickelodeon show “All That” when she was 10. After getting a big fan base on All That, she then got her own show, “The Amanda Show.” Amanda then starred in movies like “Hairspray”, “She’s The Man”, and “What A Girl Wants”. Her last film will be the comedy “Easy A” starring Emma Stone.

Yes, I said it, “Her last film”. Amanda has announced that she has retired from acting! Pretty crazy! 24 is quite young to retire. Maybe she will start producing or directing??

Her big retirement announcement was done on Twitter! Do people breakup on Twitter too? LOL!

Amanda tweeted:
“Being an actress isn’t as fun as it may seem,” Bynes wrote on June 19. “If I don’t love something anymore, I stop doing it. I don’t love acting anymore, so I’ve stopped doing it.”

She then tweeted to her dad: “I know 24 is a young age to retire but you heard it here first I’ve retired… I wanna thank my dad for his words of wisdom!!!! ‘the truth will set you free’ one of his phrases I will never forget!!!!”

I can’t say I’m sad she is leaving. This gives other appreciative actors an open slot for an acting job! Yay! Don’t worry about Amanda, she’s well off in the chedda’ dept.! In 2007, she was on the Forbes list as the 5th highest paid celebrity under 21. She earned $2.5 million.

Joaquin Phoenix Falls Off Stage Again

With his trusty brother-in-law, Casey Affleck in tow, Joaquin Phoenix made the most of Casey’s filming by jumping off stage to confront a heckler.

Happening at a Miami nightclub, Phoenix was performing his silly rap, when the audience member started mouthing off.   Either it was staged or the guy had a pretty loud voice, because Phoenix somehow heard the man say something he did not like (while the music was blasting) “We have a f***ing bitch in the audience.” Phoenix said, “and I’ve got $1million in the bank. What have you got bitch?”

whiisthis Joaquin Phoenix Falls Off Stage Again

That was around the point when Phoenix jumped off the stage and on the loud mouth.   Malay ensued, as the crowd chanted, “beat him up.”   Security eventually carted the heckler out of the venue.

Phoenix’s first public rap concert embarrassment was in Las Vegas and ended with him literally falling off stage.

Some Hollywood insiders are convinced Phoenix is conducting a hoax, others surmise drugs are fueling his crazy behavior.   The one thing that is for sure is, he’s documenting all of it.

Joaquin Phoenix’ Creepy Letterman Appearance

“Joaquin I’m sorry you couldn’t be here tonight” Dave joked. Joaquin’s hair matted, his voice a murmur, his skin apparently crawling. I could feel Joaquin’s irritation from the couch. The audience laughed at him constantly throughout the segments. Although he said virtually nothing, the weirdness spoke volumes.

After seeing this spectacle, I’m left thinking, “Is this supposed to be a joke?” Has something gone terribly wrong with Phoenix or is he using us as some sort of science project?


Sadly, the answers probably won’t come easy.   He surely will never admit he is playing all of us, and if he does have real issues then we may not know until it’s too late.   When things go this wrong with this great of an American actor, all we can do is keep our fingers crossed and buckle ourselves in for the ride.