With his trusty brother-in-law, Casey Affleck in tow, Joaquin Phoenix made the most of Casey’s filming by jumping off stage to confront a heckler.

Happening at a Miami nightclub, Phoenix was performing his silly rap, when the audience member started mouthing off.   Either it was staged or the guy had a pretty loud voice, because Phoenix somehow heard the man say something he did not like (while the music was blasting) “We have a f***ing bitch in the audience.” Phoenix said, “and I’ve got $1million in the bank. What have you got bitch?”


whiisthis Joaquin Phoenix Falls Off Stage Again

That was around the point when Phoenix jumped off the stage and on the loud mouth.   Malay ensued, as the crowd chanted, “beat him up.”   Security eventually carted the heckler out of the venue.

Phoenix’s first public rap concert embarrassment was in Las Vegas and ended with him literally falling off stage.

Some Hollywood insiders are convinced Phoenix is conducting a hoax, others surmise drugs are fueling his crazy behavior.   The one thing that is for sure is, he’s documenting all of it.