Forever 21’s fashion beauty, Emily Ratajkowski has made her way to Hollywood movies via Robin Thicke..

Along with other video models, the sexy brunette became infamous for her dancing performance in Robin Thicke’s video, “Blurred Lines.”



David Fincher has now cast the 21-year-old model for the upcoming film, “Gone Girl“, starring Ben Affleck (leading character), Rosamund Pike, Neil Patrick Harris, Tyler Perry Patrick Fugit and Kim Dickens.

It would seem that Fincher has a thing for Robin Thicke’s walking-tall models but despite what the case may be, all that matters is this model is taking her modeling career to the next level.

Emily-Ratajkowski-Naked-Princess-4-1024x768-CopiarThe movie will basically entail how Andie (Ratajowski) becomes Nick Dunne’s (Affleck) side-chick, or for better terms, his mistress. When Nick’s wife goes missing, everyone becomes suspicious about foul play and points fingers at the husband, even the model-beauty herself.

E! News reported that Ratajowski went on Instagram Monday to express her happiness about landing her first-ever acting role.

“So happy to announce my casting in David Fincher’s ‘Gone Girl’ opposite Ben Affleck!!!”

And we’re just as excited for you Ratajowski, but Affleck should be the happiest camper in this scenario!