3 Fort Hood Soldiers Dead 6 More Missing After Military Vehicle Swept Away During Flood

Three soldiers are dead, and six others are missing, after a military vehicle they were traveling in was swept away by fast moving flood waters Thursday at Fort Hood. Three other soldiers were rescued from the water near the vehicle and are in stable condition.

The Light Medium Tactical Vehicle or “LMTV” overturned at the Owl Creek Tactical low-water crossing and East Range Road.

fort hood flood accident

The identities of the three soldiers who lost their lives have not been released. Continue reading

NAVY: Iran Stalking US Carriers Using Drones [Video]

Navy officials confirmed Iranian forces are flying unmanned aerial vehicles over carriers operating in international waters in the Persian Gulf.

Crew members of French carrier, Charles de Gaulle spotted the drone flying over their vessel and the USS Harry S. Truman who are were engaged in a joint exercise earlier this month.

Iranian drones us carriers persian gulf

According to 5th Fleet spokesman Cmdr. Kevin Stephens, the unknown and unarmed UAV approached the two carriers on Jan. 12 operating in the Persian Gulf when it was spotted by the crew of the Charles de Gaulle. Continue reading

Air Traffic Control Loses Contact With AirAsia Plane 162 People Aboard

An AirAsia plane has lost contact with air traffic controllers on Sunday after takeoff from Indonesia on the way to Singapore.

There are 162 people aboard.


The plane lost communication with Indonesia’s Surabaya airport 42 minutes after takeoff at 5:35 a.m., Hadi Mustofa, an official of the transportation ministry told Indonesia’s MetroTV. It had seven crew and 155 passengers. Continue reading

Men Who BEAT VET In Violent Indiana Home Invasion CATPURED

Police just apprehended two men over a violent Arcadia home invasion that left an elderly World War II veteran injured.

The sheriff’s department said they were able to recover ALL the items taken from Hershel “Bud” Moore, the victim in the incident.

Hershel Bud Moore

Hamilton County Sheriff officials announced the arrests of Joseph Michael Lowe, 26, and Justin Wayne Lawson, 27, on preliminary charges of conspiracy to commit robbery, Continue reading

Man Took Picture 4 Minutes Before Japan Volcano Took Life

Hideomi Takahashi, who fell victim to the eruption of Mount Ontake, took this selfie four minutes before the initial eruption of the volcanic mountain in central Japan. The unexpected eruption took his life.

More than 50 people died that day. The volcano, a popular hiking spot, erupted without warning on Sept. 27 in the country’s deadliest volcanic eruption since World War II.

Hideomi Takahashi last photo japan valcano

Takahashi’s final photo was uploaded by his friend on twitter.

Indiana man 90, Sentenced To 3 Years Over Drugs

Indiana resident, Leo Sharp, 90, was sentenced — on his 90th birthday — to three years in federal prison for transporting over a ton of cocaine to Michigan.

Leo Sharp

Sharp fought Nazis in Italy during World War II and was awarded a Bronze Star for it.

The senior is also known for growing prize-winning daylilies and even contributed 5,000 plant bulbs to his community.. Oh and did we mention he’s a 90-years-old drug mule?

Wearing a dark suit and tie, the frail man stuffed his hands in his pockets as he stood in front of U.S. District Judge Nancy Edmunds.

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