Someone Deposited $28,500 In Terror Couple’s Bank Account Two Weeks Before Shooting

Someone made a $28,500 deposit to the bank account of Syed Farook’s two weeks before he and his wife Tashfeen Malik killed 14 and wounded 21 in the San Bernardino massacre.

Farook earned $53,000 a year in his job with the county as an environmental health inspector.

Syed Farook airport

On or about Nov.20, Fox News is told Farook converted $10,000 to cash, and withdrew the money at a Union Bank branch in San Bernardino. Afterwards Continue reading

Black Man Charged In String Of St. Louis Black Church Fires

Authorities have charged a black St. Louis man with arson over setting ablaze two of seven churches in an mostly African-American part of the St. Louis.

Federal investigators say, considering the circumstances, it will be hard to charge, David Lopez Jackson, 35, with committing a hate crime.

david lopez jackson st louis church fires arson

Jackson was charged Friday in St. Louis Circuit Court with two counts of second-degree arson in the fires at Ebenezer Lutheran Church and New Life Missionary Baptist Church, both in the city. Continue reading

NEST STUMBLES: Recalls 400,000 Silent Smoke Alarms

Nest has recalled every single smoke alarm it has ever produced, that’s at least 400,000, over a glitch that accidentally silences the device..


A silent smoke alarm.. Go figure.

According to the CPSC, the issue can be repaired with an automatic update when the device is connected to a wireless network and linked to a Nest account. For more information on connecting your device, check here.

Nest was recently acquired for $3.2 billion in cash..

SHOCKING VIDEO: Father Teaches Toddler To Smoke

A new shocking video shows a man, presuming the father, teaching his toddler how to smoke a cigarette while a woman, presumably the mother, chuckling.

father teaches toddler to smoke

This disturbing video shows a man speaking Russian, who passes a cigarette to his a baby.

After handing the cigarette out to his child, the child inhales and exhales the smoke, at which time he appears to get a head rush.

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R.I.P. Lady Who Smoked Through Voicebox For Haunting Anti-Smoking PSA Dies

Debi Austin, the woman who became famous for smoking through her voicebox in anti-smoking PSA has died last week at the age of 62.1AUSTIN

In the PSA, Austin says in her raspy voice between belabored breaths: “They say nicotine isn’t addictive.” She takes a drag from a cigarette through her voicebox and asks: “How can they say that?”

Her family released this statement: “True to Debi’s spirit, she was a fighter to the end and leaves a big hole in our hearts and lives. Debi will be remembered fondly by who those who love her to be caring, courageous, very funny and always there to offer advice or lend a hand. She was passionate and outspoken about what she believed in and deeply touched all who knew her or heard her story.” Thanks.


Madonna Warns Audience ‘Stop Smoking Or I Don’t Sing’ At Outdoor Venue!

Talk about a PreMadonna! During a sound check for her performance in Santiago Chile, Madonna threatened some folks in the audience that were smoking cigarettes by saying she would cancel the concert if they didn’t stop! But what’s really weird is it’s an outdoor show! Totally the wide-open spaces and she couldn’t have been any closer than 50 feet to the offender!

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