Trendy Brentwood CA Introduces 1 MINUTE PARKING

Talk about life in the fast lane! Welcome to parking in the fastlane! If you park in trendy Brentwood Ca., you had better think quick
because the posh neighborhood is taking parking restrictions to a whole new level.

Introducing “1 Minute Parking” — Seriously.


Near the 11700 block of San Vicente Boulevard tight parking restrictions have been put in place, yes that was just an understatement. Continue reading

Tennessee Man Kills Woman, Partially Consumes Her Dead Body

Gregory Scott Hale is the man who confessed to murdering, dismembering, and consuming part of a woman.

After being arrested,  Hale, 37, told investigators he had killed Lisa Marie Hyder in his parent’s house, where he lives.

Gregory Scott Hale

The Coffee County Sheriff’s Office had apparently received a tip from a neighbor that he had “reason to believe” Hayes had killed someone. Police learned Sunday that Hayes was apparently trying to find someone to help him dispose of the body. Continue reading

Shooters Yell REVOLUTION In Ambush At Las Vegas Walmart

Two Las Vegas metro police officers and another person were reportedly killed Sunday in an ambush at a pizza store that ended up at a Walmart store in the same complex. Details of others involved have not yet been released.

Two shooters, one man and a woman are thought to have killed themselves.

las vegas walmart shooting

A male shooter, described as a tall white man, yelled “everyone get out” before shooting.

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Shockingly Simple Trick Will INSTANTLY Improve Your Vision!

If you have blurred or otherwise poor vision, a ridiculously simple trick will instantly allow you to see anything clearly!


Try this and if it works for you, and chances are it will! Share it with your friends and family!

A new video posted on YouTube provides individuals with bad vision a simple trick allowing them to see clearly without glasses.

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Rascal FAKES! Flatts BUSTED Lip Syncing REWIND

Another one bites the dust! Rascal Flatts took the stage at Sunday’s Academy of Country Music awards show but soon wished someone, anyone could have hit Rewind.


It seems someone on the crew hit the “play button” at the wrong time, and the watchful eye of the internet noticed in a big way..

Even the press noticed something was amiss…

USA TODAY’s Brian Mansfield hinted at it in his show recap, writing: “Flatts sounded as perfect performing their new single as they’ve ever sounded on television. Maybe a little too perfect.” Continue reading