3 Days After Johnny Depp Mom Dies, Amber Heard Files For Divorce

3 days after losing his mom, Johnny Depp is now losing his wife. Amber Heard has filed for divorce from Depp.

Documents show Heard filed a divorce petition Monday, citing irreconcilable differences. The couple married in February of last year, yet Amber is asking for spousal support.

johnny depp amber heard 3

Our sources say the couple had NO prenup. It’s especially harsh because Johnny was extremely close to his mother. Continue reading

Booyakasha! Oscar ‘Blindsided’ By Unapproved Sacha Baron Cohen Ali G Skit

Sacha Baron Cohen’s wild Oscar appearance of his infamous Ali G character was in no way a planned part of the show, and more importantly, was not approved in advance as required by Academy brass.

It was revealed today that Academy Awards producers had no idea Cohen was planning the controversial skit. Cohen claims his wife was employed to sneak in Ali G’s signature beanie cap and assorted accessories including fake goatee. Many on social media speculated that perhaps the impromptu appearance was actually material for an unannounced Ali G sequel.

Sacha Baron Cohen Ali G Skit oscars

“The truth is we actually had to sneak it in because the Oscars sat me down before and said they didn’t want me to do anything out of order Continue reading

Borat Makes Surprise Visit On Jimmy Kimmel [VIDEO]

Sacha Baron Cohen, aka Borat, made a surprise visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote his new movie, but before you get too excited be aware, Borat is not in the movie.

Cohen showed up on Kimmel to talk, (albeit in broken english,) about “The Brothers Grimsby,” his new motion picture about two brothers, one who grows up to be a high-profile spy while the other ends up a very simple family man.

borat jimmy kimmel 2

During his appearance Cohen took time to bash GOP frontrunner, Donald Trump Continue reading

Megan Fox Reveals Skin Beauty Secrets

Megan Fox at Hollywood Life Magazine’s 7th Ann...Megan Fox is a dream come true- not for acting, but a dream come true as in she’s like ‘Lisa’ from “Weird Science”. It took 2 smart, nerdy kids to dream up the perfect girl, combining various pictures of ‘favorite’ body parts from magazines, fed into a computer that creates a human, and out comes Megan Fox. Fox may lack the acting skills, but according to Hollywood, she’s the perfect fit for being a poster beauty queen.
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Megan Fox Just Can’t Get Out Of Bed…

Megan Fox has definitely made her career off of looking hot in a bikini.

Thinking about Megan’s filmography, we all picture her in a bikini or in underwear- probably laying in a bed too.

It is a fact, that the majority of her films and TV shows, cast her as the sexy half-naked girl, that has to get in bed at some point.

Here’s a list of the productions she’s done, where she’s been skimpy:

Holiday In The Sun- in bikini.
Bad Boys 2- in bikini dancing.
Two and a Half Men- in bikini, laying in lawnchair.
Jennifer’s Body- in bra and underwear, in bed.
Jonah Hex- in bra and underwear, in bed.
Passion Play- in bed in bra and underwear with wings!
Armani Commercials- in bra and underwear, in bed.
Eminem “Love the Way You Lie” music video- in bed.
The Dictator- in bed, sleeps with Sacha Baron Cohen for rubies.

Bruno Drops 73% in Second Week Box Office

Sacha Baron Cohen’s Bruno experienced one of the fastest free falls in box office history, dropping a staggering 73% in its second week of distribution. Unlike Cohen’s “Borat” which gained steam week after week, Bruno took only days to brick in to obscurity and certainly fast tracked this homophobic bomb into it’s rightful DVD and cable fate.

Universal Pictures paid a cool $43 million for rights to Bruno and they equaled that amount in an effort to market the film worldwide, however, those attempts were futile as moviegoers jumped ship at an alarming rate as word of mouth shouted and something called the “Twitter effect” tapped very clearly to “stay away” from Bruno.

Bruno Victims Speak Out!

The New York Post has a fascinating article interviewing some of the subjects of Bruno, Sacha Baron Cohen’s sure-to-be comedy smash.  They reveal how these folks (doctors, cops, agents) were duped into being on film face-to-face with Bruno.  Alas, they weren’t able to get any word from Ron Paul.

Also highlighted are some of the methods that Cohen and company used to trick people into being in the movie.  They convinced them that the film would only be shown in Germany and Austria (but had them sign waivers for any international release), they hid Bruno from this guests to prevent any last minute walk outs, they kept the director incognito.  This was a well-funded, incredibly smart group of people trying to make the most awkward, over-the-top comedy ever.  From what I’ve been told by those who’ve seen it, they may have succeeded.