Megan Fox has definitely made her career off of looking hot in a bikini.

Thinking about Megan’s filmography, we all picture her in a bikini or in underwear- probably laying in a bed too.


It is a fact, that the majority of her films and TV shows, cast her as the sexy half-naked girl, that has to get in bed at some point.

Here’s a list of the productions she’s done, where she’s been skimpy:

Holiday In The Sun- in bikini.
Bad Boys 2- in bikini dancing.
Two and a Half Men- in bikini, laying in lawnchair.
Jennifer’s Body- in bra and underwear, in bed.
Jonah Hex- in bra and underwear, in bed.
Passion Play- in bed in bra and underwear with wings!
Armani Commercials- in bra and underwear, in bed.
Eminem “Love the Way You Lie” music video- in bed.
The Dictator- in bed, sleeps with Sacha Baron Cohen for rubies.