Lindsay Lohan, Full Throttle and Lil Wayne are the kings of this site when it comes to people’s interest and when I say that, I mean it.  I guess it’s safe to say the whole LohanPlayboy thing is not hurting anyones business right now at least if you’re in the business of reporting on these folks.

300px Hulk Hogan3 Lindsay Lohan Full Throttle Saloon The New Normal


free the hulk…

Jersey Shore is always on the list and ESPN‘s Erin Andrews is to sports what Hulk Hogan’s Ex, Linda Bollea is to wrestling.

Trust me on this one folks, no one is in Linda’s corner because common sense tells most of us that she should be showing Terry much more respect though this divorce for the simple fact, she is where she is because of the Hulkster, whom by the way most of us think of as a childhood friend.

Okay back to Lindsay Lohan Playboy pics or the Lindsay Lohan Playboy pictures as some like to call them, so they are sort of a big deal for the moment and it seems Bradley Cooper is always hot around here.

Full Throttle Saloon‘s Angie and Pauly D round out the interests of our community. And one last thing, Joseph Gordon-Levitt girlfriend? I know what you’re thinking, “why?” It’s all in the way you think about it…

So if this teaches us anything it is that things just don’t really need a have a beginning or an ending, what they really need is a sprinkle of brain candy. Don’t believe me, rent the movie Rubber.