Glass Found In Lean Cuisine Stouffer’s And DiGiorno Pizza What You Need To Know

Lean Cuisine, Stouffer’s and and DiGiorno frozen pizzas, have recalled nearly three million boxes after customers said they found pieces of glass shards in their food.

Nestle USA, the producer of the brands behind the popular brands, said no injuries have yet been reported.

lean cuisine digiorno stouffers glass shards

The food maker said the glass may have come from the spinach used in the recalled products. It said an investigation is ongoing. Continue reading

Dude Orders Dominos, Gets $1,300 Cash Instead

California man, Mike Vegas, got a little more than he ordered after finding cold hard cash in a box of Dominos chicken wings.

Vegas says he ordered a pizza and some wings from Domino’s, ate one slice, and didn’t touch his wings. After stashing his order in the fridge, he got hungry again. That’s went in for the wings and discovered the box stuffed with $1,300 cash instead.

Mike Vegas domninos 1300 dollars wings 3

As it turns out, the delivery driver had been on his way to the bank and then Vegas’ house, but the bank got the wing and the money was accidentally delivered to him. h/t 6abc Continue reading

What’s The Next Step For Memories Pizza After Raising $842,387 In Donations?

So are you wondering what the owners of Memories Pizza, the O’Connor family, are going to do with all that money raised for them on GoFundMe? Us too!

Fund raising mastermind, Dana Loesch, host of the Dana Show and the author of “Hands Off My Gun,” laid out what’s next for the O’Conners on her blog:

Dana Loesch memories pizza 2

Thank you all for supporting this family when they came under attack. A total of $842,387 has been raised because of your generosity.  Continue reading

Teen Arrested Over Murder Of Dominos Driver

Police have arrested a 17-year-old and charged him with the murder of Domino’s Pizza delivery driver, Najeh Masaeid.

Cops say Corey Arrington murdered driver Masaeid, 63, in cold blood after he was making a pizza delivery to a Birmingham apartment complex.

Corey Arrington dominos murder

Police say they have arrested and charged Arrington as an adult with capital murder in Masaeid’s death. Continue reading

Chicago Dominos Driver Lured To Abandon Home Shot

A Domino’s Pizza driver is in critical condition after being shot several times late Saturday night in an apparent robbery.

The driver was delivering a pizza near 141st and Indiana in Dolton, Illinois, when he was ambushed and robbed. Police say the suspects lured the delivery by ordering a pizza to an abandoned home with the intention of attacking the driver.

Chicago Dominos Driver Lured To Abandon Home Shot

The employee’s manager said he was shot in the arm and in the back, but his condition is Continue reading

Pizza Chain Considers World’s First PIZZA LAYER CAKE

With 6 full layers of pizza, this pizza cake is changing everything we know about our favorite food..bostonpizzacake806-thumb

The Canada-based Boston Pizza chain (confusing, we know) has revealed a new social media campaign that promises to provide a few “Pizza Game Changers,” asking fans to vote for outlandish pizza-inspired products: Currently/unsurprisingly, a six-layer “pizza cake” is in the lead, with Boston Pizza promising that it’s “great for birthdays, bar mitzvahs, weddings, and even lonely nights watching infomercials.” source

Continue reading