With 6 full layers of pizza, this pizza cake is changing everything we know about our favorite food..bostonpizzacake806-thumb

The Canada-based Boston Pizza chain (confusing, we know) has revealed a new social media campaign that promises to provide a few “Pizza Game Changers,” asking fans to vote for outlandish pizza-inspired products: Currently/unsurprisingly, a six-layer “pizza cake” is in the lead, with Boston Pizza promising that it’s “great for birthdays, bar mitzvahs, weddings, and even lonely nights watching infomercials.” source


Although the campaign promises “If You Like It, We’ll Make It,” the website stealthily incorporates actual new menu items in the vote: A chipotle chicken and bacon pizza taco and “Pizzaburger” sliders (beef sliders wrapped in miniature pizzas) are both already available on Boston Pizza’s real menu (the latter as a starter, the former with an optional side of fries). Does this mean the “vote winner” won’t actually go into production? Are the pizza cake and pizza-flavored mints all an elaborate ruse? Probably, but this commercial for the pizza taco is very real.